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Looking for buddies for USA Roadtrip Aug - Oct 16

Travel Forums Travel Companions Looking for buddies for USA Roadtrip Aug - Oct 16

1. Posted by susiesooz (Budding Member 3 posts) 1y

Hi I’m looking to go traveling around the US and would like some lovely people to join me. I have done a trip like this before and loved it. I would like to go back.

I want to hire a car for the entire trip as it will give us the freedom to go where ever. I want to head to the big cities and visit small towns. Go to national parks to camp and go for hikes. Check out local bands and go dancing (not all the time.. ha). See some art! I studied Photography a few years ago. We are looking to start and end in LA and travel clockwise, kind of like a loop.

Ideally I’m looking for someone who is 25+ and can drive just because car insurance for rentals will be cheaper and to also share the driving. But its not majorly important, minimum age 21 and a driver.

I’m 32, I work in finance and I want to take some time off work. I hope you will come on this adventure with me smile.. I’m so excited about it!. Please get in touch, drop me a message or reply here, its up to you!

2. Posted by Emm4St (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y

Hi sooziesooz,

Iv just joined and seen your post

I'm really wanting to do something exciting this year and have always wanted to travel America.

Iv seen the maps where you can travel to 48 counties or all the national parks and it sounds amazing.

You mentioned you had done it before, where did you go, how long for?

I am 36 and have a drivers licence so can share driving, although I have never driven on that side of the road before!

Have you already booked the time off work?

3. Posted by OprahsCameraGuy (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y

Hey Susie, Im thinking about doing this! would you start September 6? also what is your name on facebook? thanks

24/ Male