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First time travelling alone - Asia?

Travel Forums Asia First time travelling alone - Asia?

1. Posted by marruna (First Time Poster 1 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Hello Dear Travellers,

I hope you're all good and having a good time at home or travelling currently :-)
Well, Im new at this Forum and I've signed up here because Im new at travelling, or better said I travelled a lot but never alone and I never went out Europe.
Since a long time I have the wish to travel for a longer time, in 6 months I am finished with my education and then I have finally time to make my dream come true.
Till Summer I will have saved around 9300 Euros and be free for 12 months (no job, yay!)
I am a very though woman and I always thought travelling alone is no big deal in Asia, but now many people warned me of travelling alone.
Well, now I am a bit confused but I think I am still enough confident to go this step (also to build myself and come out my comfort zone)
To come to the point: Does anyone have expierenced travelling alone through asia (im sure someone did :)) and can (want) give me some tips?

Which countries are the best in Asia (I thought about the route of Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia)
Whats the best time to start?
Is it safe for a woman alone?
How much money did you spent a week or a month?

I will be the happiest person if someone answers!
Greets from the rainy Switzerland,

Mary ;)

2. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1832 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Many women travel Asia alone. Many are retirees too. You should be okay but you must keep safety in mind at all times. This is no different than visiting a strange city in Europe or Canada or USA. If you plan on drinking excessively you may end up in situations that you could have trouble. Some cultures view a woman traveling alone in Asia as fair game and deserves all that befalls her. Read up on recent events in Sweden and in Germany with new arrivals groping and raping women.

Not all Asian countries are the same for cost of living. Thailand can be a first stop for visiting nearby Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia. (Singapore, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong cost more for hotels and day to day expenses.)

Read some of the recent posts from women asking about the same thing. Each country has their own visa requirements. Some countries MAY require "proof of onward travel" which often is a plane ticket out of the country in a certain amount of time.

I think using a laptop will give you more usable information when you do forum searches and even Google searches for "solo woman traveler" or similar descriptions. Look over this forum for recent questions. When you show up may be affected by weather. But for many tourists this is just an inconvenience. Hotel prices may spike up (high season) close to Christmas. Do some research on your own!

Oh yeah, after paying for plane tickets to Asia figure out how much you have available for day to day spending on hotels, food, local transportation, etc. If you have too little money for hotels and you are always eating or sleeping in dodgy places - don't stay for so long! Most countries will not let you work without proper documentation.

Have safe fun and like they say on some travel forums "make Google your friend!"

3. Posted by TransparentTrav (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Hi marruna!

Sounds like you've got quite the trip ahead of you!

Traveling alone as a solo female is definitely doable in Southeast Asia, and in fact is one of the best places to do it! However, if you're on a budget, you do have to take into account multiple things, like what you plan to do at your destinations (i.e snorkeling activities, scuba diving, partying, etc), as that will eat into how long you can travel for also.

Other things to consider include timing and weather in each destination, as weather and monsoon season has a huge impact on your travels in this region. Flooding, road blockages, etc all happen!

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4. Posted by Jaxlive (Budding Member 33 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

I've met lots of female solo travellers during my trip across Southeast Asia as a Backpacker. The main concern in budget travelling is transport. There will be instances whereby the public transport schedule is irregular. If you're lucky you will meet other travellers who will be going the same direction to share the costs. Happy Travelling!

5. Posted by Erusiel Tours (Budding Member 3 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

It'll be just fine for a solo female to explore Indonesia.
I'll be glad to provide you any information about Indonesia and I can help you to arrange your budget.
Please message me for further information.
Thank you.