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Solo Male Traveller 23rd Feb-May

Travel Forums Introductions Solo Male Traveller 23rd Feb-May

1. Posted by greenparka69 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Hello, Im booking my flights to Perth this week and spending a week or so there first then travelling around australia, new zealand for 3 months and other places, im open to suggestions and if anyone has any tips that would be great, I plan on staying in hostels around OZ and either fly from city or bus. Im new to this travelling life but already feel i will enjoy :-)

If anyone is willing to share accommodations or travel plans then please get in touch. Will be looking for cash in hand work along the way if money is tight.

looking to do padi diving course and sky dive and any other extreme sports i can get my hands on. :-)

2. Posted by LifelongVaga (Budding Member 20 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

You should try paragliding up in Port Macquarie (no idea if there's a school there, but probably and the views are amazing). Or Bright. It's way better than sky diving though. :D As for a diving course, there's one Magnetic Island that was going for like a few hundred dollars (I want to say around $400, but can't remember as that was June last year...) for a three day course that included accommodation on the island. Think it was with X Base. Don't know about their dive sites, but there's some pretty good snorkeling right off the beach with GIANT clams. Like half a person size giant clams. And there's some really colourful fish right off the old ramp. All Magnetic Island.

Hitching in Oz is quite common and is pretty easy. Not sure what you look like (appearance matters a lot in this), but I'm sure you could pull it out. Just put your bag and front so they know you're a hitcher and it's pretty easy from there. I hitched all over the East side when I was first there a few years ago. If you're under 26 I'd recommend applying for the working holiday visa if you're hoping to find work. They're pretty easy to get and let you stay for a year. Can't say how easy it is to find cash in hand jobs...unless you're into sales. They didn't even check I had a visa...

Oh and if you're in Brisbane, there's a free fire dancing tutorial in the park on a full moon. :D It's really good and don't worry, the fire's 'cold' so it's almost impossible to get burned. They even let you have a go at it for free. :D

I've never been to Perth though, but if you have any questions about the east side, I can probably answer them.

As for New Zealand, the south island is great for multi-day hikes. It's just stunningly gorgeous and a lot of it has never even been explored on foot. Who knows, you might even be able to name something. :P I would definitely recommend Clifden Caves, Castle Hill, and Franz Joseph Glacier <- all free. I don't really know of any extreme sports over there, but if you want to do paragliding (again :P), there's a decent group up in Nelson area.