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1. Posted by Youn91 (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y

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My name is Youness, i live in Li├Ęge (Belgium) and every day i think about going with my backpack.

I want to meet people , i want to climb, i want to swim, i want to see the world and the people. i don't want ton sleep in a hotel specially , i don't need luxury or compfort.
that's the kind of travel i want to do.

But i have absolutely no experience. i'm not afraid to talk to people, my english is not perfect but it may help, and here is the goal of this topic :

Can someone help me to contact someone in New Zealand / Australia or other countries in the Pacific , i want to talk to someone who live there before starting my trip.

thanks for reading me, have a nice day!

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4958 posts) 1y

For the practical side of things, have a look at the Working Holiday Visa pages for Australia and New Zealand.

I spent a year each in both countries after university, and that was one of the best things I've ever done in my life. Gave me a huge boost of confidence, and allowed me to live a much more fulfilling life after returning home than I suspect I'd have managed without that experience.

3. Posted by Youn91 (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y

Thank you very much for your answer. i was aware of this visa, thanks for these websites :).

that's exactly what i need. i need to do something in my life and i feel strangled by everything here.

Can someone tell me which steps i should follow before the trip? it may be usefull i'm a bit confused about this trip :p

thank you for ready me (and excuse me for my poor english )

ps: How much time (in average) does it take to get these isa? (if i apply online, for the Autralian website)

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4. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4958 posts) 1y

Quoting Youn91

Can someone tell me which steps i should follow before the trip? it may be usefull i'm a bit confused about this trip :p

There's very little that you really must do beforehand. Get a visa, get long-term travel insurance, have a basic outline of what you'd like to see and do (not to follow, because once there, everything will be different anyway, but to fall back upon when you just want to move on right now and not do any research for it), book a flight, and pack a couple of the essentials. (But don't sweat that last step, since you can just buy whatever you'll actually need once you're there.)
When I went, I totally devoured the lonely planet guides for these countries, to give myself a good overview of what all there was to see, and to be aware of all kinds of practical matters. Understanding the seasons / when to be where in particular is very helpful (the north of Australia has a completely different climate than what you're used to), as is some awareness of special events / national holidays (e.g. book accommodation for NYE in Sydney at least 6 months in advance, with 9 being better, and also don't wait till the last minute for Australia Day, the F1 races or tennis in Melbourne.)
Hostels are the obvious type of accommodation to stay in. There's two or three different hostel chains / organizations to familiarize yourself with. YHA (Hostelling International), VIP and (for New Zealand) BBH. They each have a membership discount card which are interchangeable for all 3rd party discounts, so which one to get depends on which type of hostel you prefer. Big YHAs can feel institutional, while smaller ones can be very homely. Minimal quality standards generally apply to YHAs, and they tend to be preferred by travellers looking for a quieter and more diverse atmosphere. VIP has some truly top-notch bells-and-whistles hostels, but also lots of grotty run down ones, and is overall preferred by a more party-oriented crowd. BBH is more rustic and/or alternative, but also very wide-ranging in appeal.

ps: How much time (in average) does it take to get these isa? (if i apply online, for the Autralian website)

The Australian WHV is generally approved in a couple of hours. It's not at all unusual for that to last up to two days, and every so often someone's application takes up to two weeks. The assumption is that there's random spot-checking by actual humans on some applications. (I think the New Zealand WHV takes slightly longer, but is also generally a matter of days, but haven't heard much about that in a while, so I could be off.)
Once the application has been approved, you have a year to travel to Australia, and only once you enter the country does the year start for which you can remain in the country.

Personally I very much enjoyed Australia, but absolutely loved New Zealand. The nature and hiking options there are superlative, and everything is much closer together and more easily accessible than in Australia. Australia has the better cities, though.

5. Posted by Youn91 (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y

thank you so much. your answere helps me a lot :)

About hostels ; you're telling me that i can buy a "membre card" to get discount? it's a nice idea i didn't thought about that !

But the goal of my trip is to work too. i found a website that help "Hosts" (in Australia/NZ and other countries in pacific ) to found workers for some days/weeks . that's what i want to do, i'm not sure to see all these events but i would like to, (i guess it's impossible to do all these event in only one trip ^^)

Thank you again for your time! you help me a lot, and i'm impatient to go!
(btw, did you saw "The Shire" in NZ?

6. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4958 posts) 1y

Membership cards for the different hostel organizations are very much a thing, yes. They generally pay themselves back in about 10-20 nights just through the discount on staying there. Having one will also get you discounts on car rental, some train journeys, various outdoor stores, etc, etc.

And yeah, I went to Hobbiton. Three times even, over the many years. It's gotten bloody expensive, but totally worth it all the same. The hills really are that green, and nowadays (after the Hobbit movies) they have the full set in perfect shape, complete with laundry still on the line. Recommended for any fan.

7. Posted by Youn91 (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y

Thank you for your help! (and sorry for the late answer )

my journey become real :D i will get my visa soon i hope and now i'm looking for the 1st place to go! (NZ or Australia ) i can't choose :( i would like to see some Fjord in NZ, or the sea in the north of australia :(

Which place do you recommend me? (Hobitton is maybe for later travel :D)

8. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4958 posts) 1y

If those are your chief destinations, then I'd have it depend on the weather, and thus the time of the year. If you're starting between October and April, go to New Zealand. That period of time is the wet season in the north of Australia, and summer in New Zealand. If on the other hand you're starting between May and September, go to Australia, since winter in New Zealand - albeit frequently gorgeous - does bring a lot more rain.

Of course, for either country, if you're going on a WHV, you can stay a full year, and should have plenty of time to travel around and see a large part of what these countries have to offer (and could always do a side trip to the other country, too).

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