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1. Posted by Vincent143 (Budding Member 9 posts) 50w

Hello travellers and the most amazing ppl in the world (backpackers)

I am planning for trip to Thailand in June 3rd Week to June End....I am going alone...however it would be great to have a group of crazy ppl to go with.
Please let me know in case if you're planning for Thailand in June..I have already booked my tickets and have a fantastic plan in place...

Don't forget on 19th June Full Moon Party...

Eagerly looking for fellow travellrs....

2. Posted by OldPro (Inactive 406 posts) 49w

Eagerly avoiding people who refer to themselves as travellers and then talk about the FMP in the same breath. That's like calling yourself an intellectual and then suggesting a trip to Disneyland for the cultural value.

In your plan for the FMP, will you be including a large black garbage bag for doing your share of cleaning up after the party?

3. Posted by Vincent143 (Budding Member 9 posts) 49w

May be you always end up messing up the place during the party, so you expect everyone to carry a garbage bag...I am afraid my friend, may be you don't know the ethics of how to behave in a foreign country...

I guess when you will break the strong and rigid wall of perception you carry about others in general, only then you will get to see a clear view...

For people like me who are both intellectual and have common sense of not spoiling the place we tour..

I understand completely that once you have been to FMP and you completely ruined the place and now you're regretting it..which if fine..but don't expect the same from everyone..

If you still Care about Koh Phangan so much and the environment and you don't want other to spoil that place..i would request you to be there at the venue before a day and stand right at the entrance shouting and screaming your slogan of not spoiling the place..I'am sure your efforts will then pay off..

4. Posted by OldPro (Inactive 406 posts) 49w

And maybe you need to understand what the FMP is really like Vincent143 and who attends them.

5. Posted by Vincent143 (Budding Member 9 posts) 49w

I wrote so much in my previous post thinking you will learn from it, but it seems you just read it without using your brain.

As a good friend of your's let me reiterate for you.

For what you said, unlike you I don't go to places or rather attend any party without having knowedge about it. In short I don't do anything for which I will have to regret later UNLIKE YOU.

I know everything that happens in FMP and what i should expect.I take full onus of myself and just dont care about what other are doing. Itz more of Thailand's government responsibilty not mine.

May be you're surrounded with people who don't know how to behave at an unknown place. With me I enjoy the most keeping the environment in mind UNLIKE YOU.

I hope you read this blog with an open mind when you're awake and not in sleep.

I love the fact that you're lover of environment but i aslo feel pity on you to be not able to do anything about it, instead of just cribbing.

6. Posted by Camaro (Budding Member 32 posts) 49w

Oldpro, is the only reason your commenting on this thread because you want to sound like smug doucebag? Let the guy be excited about planing his trip to Thailand.

[ Edit: Edited on 13-Mar-2016, at 20:58 by Camaro ]

7. Posted by OldPro (Inactive 406 posts) 49w

I'm posting on this thread because others may also read the comments Camaro and judge for themselves.

The FMP is a blot on the landscape that unfortunately is allowed to continue simply because of MONEY. In cases such as that, my response is to vote with my feet and not participate. However loudly someone may say they will not contribute to the outcome, in fact simply by attending and spending their money, they are contributing.

I think a lot of those planning to attend the FMP do so based on little actual knowledge/research of what it is they are going to contribute to. As long as someone acts in ignorance of the facts, they have an excuse for having gone. Once made aware however of what it is they are going to participate in, they no longer have any excuse for doing so. In honesty, all they can really say is, 'I know what it does environmentally and I choose to ignore it because my fun is more important than anything else.'

What people don't like Camaro is having a mirror held up in front of them which forces them to acknowledge that reality to themselves. If you think being environmentally aware makes me a 'smug doucebag', you are entitled to your opinion however wrong it might be. All I am really interested in however is what you think about the FMP knowing what it results in and whether YOU would attend. The answer to that will tell me something about you that will not be just a guess as your judgement of me is.

Please take the time to look at the following photos and then tell me what you think of it.

8. Posted by Vincent143 (Budding Member 9 posts) 49w

Oldpro, you can always give your opinion no one is stopping you from doing that. But when you start raising finger on someone else without even knowing the background you do seem like a 'smug doucebag'

Had your words were polite in first place and not sarcastic you would have got the same kind of response from me. But it seems you hate everyone out there and believe you're the only good person with legitimate thoughts.

If you really wanna make any difference, never be sarcastic. As you said in your blog most people don't about FMP completely their response may hurt you badly, instead you can be polite and advise them what harm does it make to the environment. I am not sure how old are you, but they way you speak you're very immature.

Just to give you a background I am journalist, I was going there after having done all the research. What you know is not even 5%, you're just being emotional and not practical. You're eyes will be wide open if you would know how the whole party takes place and what happens after party.

My journal will be released in the month of September 2016, hopefully I can share it with you. So that you stop behaving like kid. You need to get the facts correct before pointing your finger on some one.

GET WELL SOON oldpro, I hope someone will help you remove that shades off your eyes and you're able to see the reality.

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10. Posted by Camaro (Budding Member 32 posts) 49w

Oldpro, I don't think being environmentally aware makes you a smug douchbag. Saying something like this makes you a smug douchbag:

"Eagerly avoiding people who refer to themselves as travellers and then talk about the FMP in the same breath. That's like calling yourself an intellectual and then suggesting a trip to Disneyland for the cultural value."

For some people, attending the full moon party is a trip of a lifetime. Who are you to be judging these people.