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Visa to America afer growing dope

Travel Forums North America Visa to America afer growing dope

1. Posted by bottlenecking (Budding Member 2 posts) 45w

I've spent hours looking for answers, I've seen that other thread on this and read a large part.

i'll keep it brief, If I was caught growing dope 2 years ago, for personal, and got community service, that I have finished, will I need to apply for a visa?

I have a conviction for common assault from ten years ago also

I'm not sure if my growing offence is classed as serious drugs or moral turpitude?

I'm stressing so much and was hoping for some answers specific to me rather than all the other posts I've been reading.

2. Posted by bottlenecking (Budding Member 2 posts) 45w

I should add, I'm coming from the u.k for a 3-4 day holiday

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3. Posted by OldPro (Inactive 406 posts) 45w

If you are asking can you enter the USA under the ESTA program, then it is very simple.

The relevant question asked is whether you have ever been arrested or convicted of an offense related to a controlled substance. In the USA, marijuana is listed as a 'Class 1' drug. So your answer to that question will be YES.

Chances are you will be denied entry under ESTA. You will be advised to apply for a Visa. ESTA is not a visa, it is a 'visa waiver' program that allows someone to enter without an actual visa. Being denied entry under the ESTA program does not preclude you from applying for a visa. So you apply for a visa and you may or may not be granted one depending on the circumstances, etc. of your convictions.

If you are asking should you lie on the ESTA application, the answer is NO. Lying on the application is a criminal offense under USA law. If caught, there are potential consequences obviously. Not to mention you will not be allowed to enter.

You say you are 'coming' for a 3-4 day visit. Does that mean you have already booked this trip before knowing if you will be allowed to enter?

4. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1730 posts) 45w

Arriving just for 3 or 4 days all the way from the UK could also cause some problems. Unless you are visiting for business related reasons; from the UK it is a long flight just for what amounts to much more than an extended weekend. You wouldn't want some bored customs official suspect you are up to no good and look at you a little more thoroughly. (Customs might think you are dropping off something or picking something up to bring home.)

Three or four days. Usually when you buy your plane tickets round trip is a little cheaper. This means you should have a definite departure date.

Sometimes you only find out if something works out or not is to try it!

5. Posted by OldPro (Inactive 406 posts) 45w

Actually karazyal, the 3-4 days is not a problem. A lot of Brits do short 'city breaks' to New York City for example, just to go shopping. Immigration (it isn't a 'Customs' issue) will have no problem with someone saying, 'I'm coming to shop till I drop.'

As for finding out by trying it, I take it that it would not bother you to be refused entry or caught lying on an ESTA application. I also wonder what makes you think the OP is not planning on buying a return ticket.

6. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1730 posts) 45w

"A lot of Brits do short 'city breaks' to New York City for example, just to go shopping."

Yeah, could be. But probably more wealthy tourists tourists do the short shopping trips. Other tourists probably plan on a longer stay to get more out of an expensive flight. (Anyone in the official "meet and greet" can finger a tourist for additional screening if they suspect something.)


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