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Best method of using/getting money whilst travelling

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11. Posted by berner256 (Travel Guru 564 posts) 41w

Becky, do what's right for you. We can dispense suggestions, but we really don't know what your circumstances are; and what you'll need and want as you travel around the globe. There are many options for accessing money; some are better than others. You'll have to decide whether a small advantage in the exchange rate is really worth it, particularly if small sums are involved. There is no right way; and wrong way. It all depends ...

I travel a lot, but perhaps not as much as OldPro and others on this forum. But I am familiar with international finance and the global banking system. The VISA network has substantially more cash machines; and that's a distinct advantage when traveling around the world. The more access points you have, the better.

Some like to use prepaid cards; that's fine. They feel comfortable and secure using a familiar product. For myself, I sometimes wire funds aboard, particularly when necessary and prudent; and when large sums are involved.

I participate in these forums in the spirit of "caring and sharing," part of the motto in my Travellerspoint profile. I hope you'll share your travel experiences as you make your way around the world. We can learn from them, too.

12. Posted by Beckshew (Budding Member 4 posts) 41w

I really appreciate both Oldpro and Berner repsonses and everyone elses for that matter so thank you!!

I'll be looking at both options. I'll admit that a cashcard for me sounds more appealing being not that clued up with finance and the general way credit cards work but I will definitely investigate first.

Massive thank you again!


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