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Advice on Australia!!! Please help me :(

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Advice on Australia!!! Please help me :(

1. Posted by RebekahL (Budding Member 14 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys!!!

I'm really needing some advice on Australia!! Me and my partner are travelling in January 2017! I know it's a long time away yet but it will come round and fast and I want to be all prepared!!! :) me and my partner are 22 young, British and prepared to work and enjoy the down under.

We are both taking about £5000 each, but we are not wanting to stay in hostels really we wanted to rent a room or an apartment with another couple or even singles. Would we be able to rent a room before going out there, or would we have to stay in a hostel for about a week to get ourselves set up?? I hear sta do travel packages is this worth it?

We are wanting to go straight to Sydney, and the first couple of months we want to work just to get the extra cash for our travels for the next year. Also had anyone got advice on the jobs out there are they hard to find? Would signing up with agencies before we go work out better?

If anyone wanted to room share or come along with us more than welcome, also if anyone could give me any kind of information about Australia, I will be wooooo greatful!!! :).


Bek x

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5087 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

A lot of these things you can't really prepare for. The reality of being over there will be completely different from what you currently imagine. I strongly recommend not trying to pin down too many things beforehand. Don't go and get trapped in the first city you land in. Instead, take a couple of weeks to travel around (since it's January, and bloody hot (or bloody wet and humid up north), try following the coast to Melbourne/Adelaide, and/or heading over to Tasmania) and get a feel for the place and the rhythm of it all. Meet fellow backpackers, swap stories, see where you like it best. Then there look for work and a place to stay. (Don't get me wrong: Sydney is a great city, with lots going on and some very interesting neighbourhoods - but everyone starts there, prices are very high, and there's a lot of people looking for work. Travelling around, you might discover smaller cities which you'll end up liking a whole lot more, and which'll allow you to save up money a whole lot faster.)

£5000 works out to nearly AUD $9300, which at an average budget of AUD $80/day (quite realistic for a backpacker being relatively frugal and watching their expenses), would allow you nearly four months of travelling before the money runs out. Take at least one of those months first.

It's generally pretty easy to find a share house, where you rent a room and share the rest of the facilities with other backpackers and/or locals, who'll hold the lease to the place and don't need all the rooms, but can use the money for other purposes. No one like that is going to wait weeks for someone from overseas to arrive - so it's really your best bet to only start looking when you're there and can show up immediately to talk it over and see if there's enough of a click.

Same with work - backpacker jobs tend to be extremely temporary and immediate; it's only worth looking for them when you're actually there.

I personally wouldn't bother spending any money on travel packages. You can do it all yourself just fine - it's really all very easy - and it'll help your confidence quite a bit to actually do these things rather than having someone else do them for you.

3. Posted by RebekahL (Budding Member 14 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Wow! Thank you for the load of of great information! Has helped me a lot and have Defo set my mind a little straighter!

So pretty much do most things as soon as we get out there. Would it been better to stay in a hostel and set ourselfs up for a week, then hunt around for a room share within that week? Our plan was to work the first couples of months and get used to our surroundings then we want to travel throughout the rest of the year!?

I have heard that Sydney is a very expensive place, but I have heard from a lot of people this is where the jobs are at?! Sorry for the 21 questions! Yes although it's 5000 my Parter has that too so 10,000 altogether!

Many thanks :)

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