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Trip feedback? Pacific Coast, North America

Travel Forums North America Trip feedback? Pacific Coast, North America

1. Posted by Saus1 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Hello all.

I've joined TP as we are planning a road trip in July on the west coast of North America. I would really appreciate some advice on our itinerary - we will have 22 nights.

Some things that we'd like to factor in to our plan;
1. We're generally guilty of trying to cram too much into our trips and, really, I think we like spending an average of 3-4 nights per location rather than 1-2. That said, the odd one-off night is fine as a stopover.
2. We'd like to have some relaxation time.
3. We have a 5 month old with us so, whilst this is one of the better times to travel (apparently...!) we can't do car journeys of >2 hours without a stop. I'd be interested to know if things like day trips to Napa or Sonoma (or other) would be workable. Also, has anyone else done something similar with an infant?
4. We don't mind ticking the tourism boxes to some extend (Golden Gate Bridge, etc) but really like seeing the 'real' country. Appreciate the west coast of North America isn't Bhutan but we would like to see authentic parts of the country.
5. We like good food/dining. Although having our 5 month old will limit us, we would like to take advantage of the great dining opportunities if we can. Any suggestions appreciated.
6. We're thinking of airbnb for accommodation - any comments on this? Any areas we will struggle and what alternatives would you suggest? Happy to budget for a blow-out here any there if necessary.

I think that's it for now. Having a young baby around means we have left this a little last minute so would be grateful for any help.

2. Posted by Calcruzer (Travel Guru 1999 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

With a small (5 month old) child, you will probably want to visit simple places where you can take a stroller and also rest a bit. With this in mind, visits to the Butchart Garden on Vancouver Island and visits to the petting zoo at the San Diego Zoo in San Diego are a must, Visiting the main beach in Santa Barbara and the mission there is fun, as is the nearby town of Solvang, a Danish town a short ways {75 miles) north. In Seattle, visit the fish market and also the base of the Space Needle, where there is a small amusement park. They also have a short monorail in downtown that would be fun to ride.

In the redwoods, there is a giant Paul Bunyon statute at the entrance to the "Trees of Mystery" right along Hwy 101 when you go through the Redwoods National Park. The trees are interesting and there is a paved trail you can travel along with a stroller. Visiting San Francisco means visiting the fisherman's wharf area and shopping in the area around Union Square. Then take in the Japanese garden on the west side in Golden Gate Park. In Los Angeles, rather than get stressed by the long lines at Disneyland, maybe try either the Huntington Library and Park in San Marino, or the smaller Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park. In July and August there are three art exhibits that take place in Laguna Beach (about 80 miles south) on the weekends. Going to one of these (the Sawdust Festival) is probably the most fun, especially if you can be there in the early evening when the way the place lights up is really quite magical. I'm not a real expert on Portland, but I do know they have about 100 different places that specialize in tea (the same as Seattle has 100 different places specializing in coffee).

Hope you enjoy your trip.

Pacific Coast, North America

8 stops on this trip

  1. Vancouver, BC, Canada
  2. Vancouver Island, Victoria, BC, Canada
  3. Seattle, WA, United States
  4. Portland, OR, United States
  5. Redwood National and State Parks, Humboldt County, CA, United States
  6. San Francisco, CA, United States
  7. Los Angeles, CA, United States
  8. San Diego, CA, United States