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Stats Badge on Users Page not updating

Travel Forums System Talk Stats Badge on Users Page not updating

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1. Posted by katebum (Budding Member 100 posts) 35w

Hey Ho,

at the image with the trip and country count is not updating.

Cheers Kate

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 35w

It's showing up to date for me, at least it's the same as on the stats page. Did you make any other changes after starting this thread? The way that image works is that it checks whether there were any changes since the last time the image was generated and if so, then it updates. It could also be that the browser was caching the old image, since it doesn't ever change the filename. A hard refresh should resolve that though.

3. Posted by katebum (Budding Member 100 posts) 35w

Hi Peter,

yes I have changed the content. And for me it's not updating... incl. Hard Reset. This happens on Mac with Safari and Chrome latest version.

4. Posted by katebum (Budding Member 100 posts) 35w

I deleted all Cache Data and all Cookies.... still not updating....

5. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4894 posts) 35w

It's showing 86 trips, 102 countries for me. What is showing for you, and/or what do you think the correct numbers should be?

If 86/102 is correct, but you're seeing something else, then there's caching of some form happening somewhere. Maybe by your router/ISP? Which numbers show on this image: ?

6. Posted by katebum (Budding Member 100 posts) 35w

86/102 is correct
and this image too....

but I see this image:

7. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4894 posts) 35w

Yes, that second (-1) image comes from your profile. That shows the same 86/102 for me as the -2 image.

So you have a very persistent cache somewhere between you and travellerspoint, which is storing an outdated version of the -1 image. (You wouldn't have seen that -2 image during regular use, so that cache hadn't cached it yet, which allowed you to see the current version of it. If you'd now add another country, it too would show outdated for you, but updated for me.)

Do you have a smartphone with which you could browse to your profile page? (Not using your home wifi.) Or maybe use WiFi at a neighbourhood cafe or anything like that... That should show the correct image.

If so, then the next step is figuring out where the image is being cached. Is this happening at home, or at work? If at home, you could try logging into the admin interface of your router and see if it has any caching settings enabled. Or do you know if you're making use of any kind of proxy service? (Quite likely if you're at work.) Maybe your ISP is offering a "speed up your internet experience" product? If so, try disabling that...

8. Posted by katebum (Budding Member 100 posts) 35w

Hi Sander,

this is all very strange!

First of all I tested via mobile network and yes the image has the count as expected.

I'm not at work, no proxy server, I checked my provider settings and no cache is configured, and I checked my router... also no cache configured.

To be honest... this is the one and only image I had a update problem with since ten years I work with nearly the same configuration here :-)

I work in IT so really no newbie in networking stuff.... very very strange to me!

I added a new Test Trip with a new Country... the stats page changed as expected... the profile page image without any change....

Now I really no the problem is on my site... but to be honest no idea whats going wrong here....

Anyway! Thank you very much for your help! It's always a pleasure to ask in this forum!

Thank you very much!

9. Posted by katebum (Budding Member 100 posts) 35w

Ähm... just looking in the source code ob profile page....

di you know that you have nearly 3400 empty lines of "code" in the page?

10. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 35w

Fixed up that excessive whitespace output.

Yeah, it has to be a caching issue somewhere along the way. Both those images are now showing 103 countries for me as well