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1. Posted by DamoWain (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Hi, Im currently in colombia and messed up with my visa extension and have overstayed. I was told i have to pay a fine before I leave, I have booked two appointments for this and apparently there is one woman that does this in medellin where I am currently and twice she has not been there. Is it possible to just do this once im in the airport, yeah i messed up but its a joke that the woman just isnt there when I scheduled the appointment. If it is possible at the airport is it a 24 hour service or only on at certain times? Im struggling to find this info anywhere.


2. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 1260 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

The only info I was able to find is .
A. You cannot pay the fine at the airport, they send you back to the immigration people.
B. The airport people inflate the fine by very, very large amounts.
C. Consensus is that you have to pay before getting to the airport

Sorry . .. Not a lot of help.

You could try contacting this person at Medellin Living .... Might be worth a try but I suggest you keep trying to see someone at Migration Columbia.


3. Posted by OldPro (Inactive 400 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

"yeah i messed up but its a joke that the woman just isnt there when I scheduled the appointment"

Well obviously it is not a 'joke', it is the reality of how things work there. If you are going to do much travelling then I suggest you get used to the thought that how things work in another country is not necessarily how you are used to them working in your home country.

I do not find it at all unusual that someone would simply not be there even though you had an appointment or would make any effort to let you know they wouldn't be there or make any attempt to schedule another appointment with you. It's a way of thinking that's all. You are unimportant in that person's world and in their world, an appointment is simply a MAYBE.

So now that you know what reality is, the question is how to deal with it if you cannot just go to the airport and pay. Well, presumably that woman is in her office sometimes. What time is the office supposed to open on a Monday morning? Of course it may not open till 2 hours later or who knows, it may not open at all that day. It doesn't matter YOU need to be there when it is supposed to open and you need to stay there until you get to see the woman. If you don't get to see her, then YOU need to be there Tuesday at opening time and try again. YOU need to do that until you do see her and pay the fine, get your paper stamped or whatever and then are free to go to the airport.

These kinds of things are very common in many countries. I have sat waiting to see someone and then been told, 'oh, he has left for the day, come back tomorrow'. Then tomorrow been told, 'oh come back tomorrow' again.

I once needed to get a Residence Permit in a country and was told to go to an office at A where they gave out the application forms. I went to A, waited in line for a couple of hours and finally got to a desk where a guy handed me a form and said 'when you have filled it out, take it to the office at B (the other side of town). I filled it out and went to the office at B where I waited in line and finally got to a desk where the guy looked it over and then said to me, 'you need to have 3 stamps (literally the you lick them and stick them on type stamps) on it and then bring it back to me.' I asked where I could get those stamps and he said, 'they sell them at A'.

So you would ask yourself, well why didn't the guy in A tell me to buy the stamps before going to B in the first place? Well the answer is that it was not the guy in A's job to tell me what B needed, that was B's job. The guy at A's job was simply to hand out the application. One man, one job is a very common practice in many countries.

So I bought the stamps at A, stuck them on and went back to B. I waited in line again until I finally got to the guy at the desk again. He looked it over and rubber stamped it and signed his name. Then he handed it back to me and said I had to take it to another guy back in A.

Thinking I would get it done at last, I rushed back to A. This was on the third day of this saga. I got back to A at 3.30pm and the office was to close at 4pm. When it got there the office was closed. I asked someone in another office why it was closed and the answer was, 'oh, he had to go pick up his kids from school today, his wife had a hair appointment.' So the saga simply had to wait till day 4. LOL

My favourite story to show how thinking differs, involves the postal service. I was expecting a relatively important letter (yes snail mail some years ago). Each day I would check my mailbox but no letter. Then I noticed no mail was arriving at all (in an apartment building) for anyone. So I asked my landlord if there was a postal strike or something. His answer was exactly this. "This is August. The postman takes his vacation in August."

To my landlord, that was all he had to say. He expected me to realize that if the mailman takes his vacation in August then obviously no mail can be delivered. That was NORMAL thinking.