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Driving directions in Map?

Travel Forums System Talk Driving directions in Map?

1. Posted by glop (Inactive 3 posts) 35w

Is it possible to add driving directions in the Map view?

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5925 posts) 35w

Not at the moment. While there are some crude driving directions in the planner view, getting directions is not really the main thing the mapping system is trying to solve. Maybe down the track it will shift more in that direction.

3. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 783 posts) 35w

Not exactly what you were asking for but this might be of interest,

In Planner view, there is a tab titled - add the "add to travel plan" bookmarklet. That gives the ability to add links to your planner (which was created when you made a map.) by adding a tab to your browser

If you now go to Google maps and get it to give you driving directions from A to B, Click the Bookmarklet & add the link to a selected stop in planner.

Hope that gives you an alternative,