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What are the best ways to relax and get your mind of things?

Travel Forums Off Topic What are the best ways to relax and get your mind of things?


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21. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 11y

Quoting steffbo

Thanks everybody for your great suggestions! I have meanwhile found another solution to the problem, will be going to Prague for the weekend right after the exam. I need a reward to look forward to and now I know the annoying studying will be worth it.

Rewards are good!! Have a great time in Prague - at least there you won't "forget" about anything (except the exam) from sitting in a coffeehouse too long! ;)

22. Posted by bluewaav (Inactive 627 posts) 11y


Sometimes, you just need to get pissed!

No really, read a good, maybe classic, book to get lost in it. Do what Cup Cake would do. Or something.



23. Posted by steff (Travel Guru 1160 posts) 11y

Yeah, getting pissed is always an option to temporarily forget about the exam, but then studying with a hangover makes the pictures even worse:(

24. Posted by dpd (Full Member 138 posts) 11y

When you have recovered from the hangover and if you still want to take your mind off it. Get to the sea and just sit and stare at it. Let your self be taken out to sea. Just go with it and see where it takes you!

25. Posted by lil j (Travel Guru 1303 posts) 11y

Make sure your gonna be away from everyone, where no-one will disturb you-in your car, bedroom, in the garden (in the sun) and wack on some good music that will take you away-this never fails me!!

I find i go into a world of my own, its partic. nice in the garden when the sun is shining and you can feel the heat on you-that's what i'm going to be doing in a mo-make the most of the weather!

26. Posted by steff (Travel Guru 1160 posts) 11y

[quote=lil j]Make sure your gonna be away from everyone, where no-one will disturb you-

Found a perfect way to get away from the world for a couple of hours. Weather was perfect, so I went for an afternoon sailing trip. Can only recommend it!

27. Posted by klangeluk (Full Member 146 posts) 11y

hanging out alone by the water...anything beach...lakes...large pool even staring on n off at the sky...or world around with music you enjoy stickin at your ear...very relaxing for me :)

28. Posted by newguy (Full Member 197 posts) 11y

For quick-fix solutions, usually a cup of coffee and cigerettes would do for me. I turn off the music and, because i live in a high-rise building, stare into the distance. That helps to clear my mind..or so i'd like to believe.

For a more holistic approach, swimming and doing night jogs.

29. Posted by cikusang (Respected Member 1361 posts) 11y

I went to park yesterday and screamed with my students aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

We found many eyes were staring at us No birds even in our sight at that moment(oops!)

I guess this is one of my way to release my stress!

Maybe somaday all TP members will gather here and aaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

hehehe...wild wild thought,

30. Posted by areinstein (Travel Guru 2788 posts) 11y

Last night I was watching something really stupid on TV, something I would never watch or waste my time with when my husband came in and said...what the heck are you doing watching something so dumb? I said..."I'm stressed, I have to much on my mind so I had to find the stupidiest thing to watch on TV...gets my mind off of things...".

I guess besides trekking this is what I do to clear my mind

PS. For those who know this show, I was watching Jerry Springer. Ok, I've said it! (blushing in shame). But if you ever feel bad about you or the life you have, do watch will feel much better after.