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Any Student need Tips who Plan to Travel Abroad?

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"Any Student need Tips who Plan to Travel Abroad?"

Are you offering advice or asking for advice?

If you want some help you can first read some of the many posts from tourists visiting Thailand. Also you can buy a travel guide for Thailand. Some countries have free libraries, in those libraries they have travel guides too.

When you visit Thailand you will have whatever weather is available at that time. Although tourists visit Thailand every day of the year - rain season, hot season or the "less heat - less rain" season. Most expensive time for hotel costs and hotel bookings is late November through early February. Christmas and New Years holiday periods the most expensive. Thailand is warm or hot all year long.

Most flights from Europe and N. America usually land at Bangkok. If flying long distance plan on at least 2 weeks. You must know how much you have available each day for hotels and day to day expenses AFTER paying for plane tickets. You should have a definite departure date. (You can not show up and stay as long as you want.) You can not get a job in Thailand without a work permit. So for most people the money you have is what you live off of. Round trip plane tickets are often cheaper than buying 2 one way flights. You need a passport of course.

Young visitors to Bangkok often stay in the Khao San Road (KSR) area. One beach location young people ask about is Koh Phangan where they can get wasted on alcohol and do dope without mommy and daddy being around. Do a Google search for possible dangers for this place. (Assaults, overdoses, bike crashes, theft, etc.) Read up on what scams to avoid in Thailand. (I don't expect young tourists to be involved in gold and gem scams but "Palace Closed scams" and "Long Distance Bus Scams" is a possibility.)

Make Google searches you great new friend! A laptop, my opinion, works better for research than using a phone! There are some "youth oriented" travel groups. Do a Google search for that.

Good luck.

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