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New A380 from Airbus takes to the skies...

Travel Forums General Talk New A380 from Airbus takes to the skies...

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1. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 11y

The new JUMBO jet from Airbus has taken off for it's first flight.... For those of you that haven't seen the pics, check out the Airbus site. This thing has two floors and at least the pictures make it look like a spectacular ride !

I've been reading a lot on the A380 vs. Boeing's new 'Dreamliner' which is more fuel efficient, but not as big. So far it seems the Dreamliner is winning the 'trans atlantic' battle, but I'd be keen to hear what others opinions are on this...

ps. does anyone really think the A380 will actually have all the nice things that the photos promise? It looks like a lot of empty space to me which could go to seats for paying customers helping bring down the cost a bit I also read in the business week a while back that when fitted with everything, the plane is too heavy to actually do the kind of mileage it's supposed to, hmmm, that doesn't sound like good planning!

2. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 11y

That Airbus A380 will be a spectacular jet and reminiscent of what the 747s were suppose to be like in the beginning. Though that quickly changed making them no more comfortable than steerage on any other plane and lacking the luxury they promoted originally.

Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic) has ordered 6 for delivery starting 2008. From the list of all the "goodies" that Branson is "promising", I don't see how they will keep it all affordable for most travelers. But, then it might be considered the Concorde of the 21st century - replacing speed with amenitites. I'm sure there will still be a steerage section for all of us who actually fly on a budget.

Hopefully it will stay aloft a little longer than the "Spruce Goose".

Still, it really does look cool and, after you have taken the first few "test flights' Sam, I'd be willing to check it out!

3. Posted by newguy (Full Member 197 posts) 11y

Dont really know much about the translantic war, but i suppose if this thing doesnt take off, Airbus will have to do alot of answering to the European governments and their taxpayers.

Sam, this should interest u. - SIA A380. I'll see if they gonna put a mini-casino inside the plane.

4. Posted by le_ffrench (Budding Member 39 posts) 11y

This first flight has started a flurry of threads on photo forum, especially among spotters or aircraft enthusiasts. There were 30000+ people watching it near the airport.
For those interested in original pics, have a look here:

I am a bit doubtful about this behemoth. Some 747s have flown for decades, but will this new plane be able to do the same? Even with its lower fuel consumption per passenger, I fear that the rising oil prices may put an early end to its career and wonder if it is still reasonable to bet on such large planes.

5. Posted by ChubbDub (Full Member 132 posts) 11y

Boeing seems to be a bit pessimistic about it... It is a marvel of engineering though!! its amazing how far Air Travel has come in the last 100 years...

I dunno though, I think that cheap, efficient, supersonic travel will be the mainstay in come say 10, 15 years...

6. Posted by Peter (Admin 5898 posts) 11y

They've started work on widening one of the Melbourne Airport runways in anticipation. It will be interesting to see.. I personally can't wait to fly on one :)

7. Posted by clem (Inactive 4 posts) 11y

did you know that for the first flight, all the pilots wore parachutes? lol. and they had an emergency exit that is different from older planes.

8. Posted by shellb (Budding Member 18 posts) 11y

Be intersting how many airports will be able to cope with it...having to increase runways, parking facilities and passanger handling agents?!

9. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 11y

Quoting clem

did you know that for the first flight, all the pilots wore parachutes? lol. and they had an emergency exit that is different from older planes.

LOL, is that true? That's funny... nothing like trusting on good ol' European engineering right :)

It's going to be an interesting battle between boeing and airbus. Aparently, with sales of the dreamliner going through the roof (it's a ton cheaper to fly aparently, although it's not as big) airbus is now revamping one of it's older jets in the hopes of competing. There's even talk of another new jet in the next 4 years. If that happens, I guess it's going to ignite the transatlantic 'war' over government subsidies even more. Amazing business that one

10. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 11y

Mr. Isa here...

Actually, it was perfectly normal for the pilots to be wearing parachutes. They always do on TEST flights, military or civilian.

It is a very interesting duel between Airbus and Boeing...they are shooting at different market segments. Airbus is trying to eat into Boeing's "long distance mega-capacity" routes, while Boeing is trying to eat into Airbus' "short-haul" routes. Boeing has the 747, now Airbus has the A380. But, there are few airports that can accommodate the A380, while many can handle the 747. The A380 will require an extra 1/4 mile (3000km) of runway length. OK, kidding about the 3000 km thing. Boeing will definitely corner the short haul market with the Dreamliner, which can efficiently fly into all the smaller airports and routes like "Cleveland-to-Omaha"----OK, nobody wants to fly to Omaha, but there is business there.

It will be more interesting to see when all the taxpayer subsidies will stop. These are Mega-Corporations we're talking about here. We all pay eventually for them to stay in business. And airfares are artificially low already----only jet fuel prices keep them higher than they could be.

Steerage------here we come!!!!! I (we) would still like to fly on these two new if only they could do something about the occassional rude passenger and the "cuisine"...........