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Precious memories - anyway to export my blog from 2010

Travel Forums System Talk Precious memories - anyway to export my blog from 2010

1. Posted by Gypsy Lee (Full Member 18 posts) 20w

Hi there

Using Travellerspoint was the most important part of my trip in 2010/11 - I created some beautiful memories and had the sense to record them here. Is there anyway to export my entire blog with all photos to keep for my grandchildren??

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4895 posts) 20w

Absolutely! Go to your blog management area (where you write new blogposts), click on the "Manage" tab in the upper right of the screens there, and select "Print". This allows you to generate a single PDF or HTML file containing your entire blog, including all the photos. You can experiment a bit with the different settings to see what type of output works best for you. Probably for keeping this document long-term, the PDF is the safest bet, at the cost of not containing a map visualisation. (You could also just generate both.) :) Obviously you can then also use this PDF or HTML file for printing a copy on paper yourself, or using one of the many online services out there to maybe even create a book-like print-out from it.