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1. Posted by Danny321 (Budding Member 13 posts) 17w

Now, guys, I think all of you are the big lover of traveling and visited many places around the world.
I am going to start this topic to know the different name of destinations which are best and great for the travelers. I visited few destination but I want to go more destination to see the beauty of the world.
so, I am going to start first. The names are;
New York
Hong Kong

2. Posted by OldPro (Respected Member 344 posts) 17w

"Best" depends on an individual's interests. My best may be of no interest to you at all. Your list hasn't one place of interest to me at all.

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4. Posted by TouchDownAsia (Inactive 4 posts) 16w

Here are some other place you can visit:
1) Leshan Giant Buddha (in China)
2) Nishinomaru Garden (in Japan)
3) Petra ( in Jordan)
4) Interlaken ( in Switzerland)
5) The Gardens at Marqueyssac (in France)

5. Posted by anjali33 (Inactive 20 posts) 16w

hello Friends
I am Anjali Sharma From Delhi,India. And My Best travel destination is Goa.Goa is a very Beautiful state in India.It is traditionally known as a tourist paradise for its natural scenery, unique beaches, and cultural diversity.

6. Posted by Ameline (Inactive 15 posts) 16w

Wow, Denny321, I must say you have shared really nice names of the attractions around the globe which I really liked. London and New York are my most favorite attractions from this list which I have visited many times and always had marvelous journey.

7. Posted by LexandNeek (Budding Member 3 posts) 15w

The best place we've traveled to is the Columbia Icefields in Alberta, Canada. It was one of the most amazing experiences ever. We got to walk on the Athabasca Glacier and drink glacier water, which is like drinking water for the first time, unlike anything we've ever tasted!

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8. Posted by Ameline (Inactive 15 posts) 15w

wow, LexandNeek Through reading your post, I can see that you had really an amazing time at the Columbia Icefields which is located in Alberta, Canada. Budy, Here I am curious to see some views of the destination. Will you like to share photographs here if you having any galleries?

9. Posted by juliyya (Inactive 4 posts) 15w

Well, I must say that he had a nice time spend there, but this time I Wanna say that I had no idea about the destination of Columbia Icefields but after reading your post I know that it is located on the Alberta, Canada. so When I Will Come on Canada then I will explore this new name of distinction.... :)

10. Posted by Ameline (Inactive 15 posts) 15w

Juliyya, It is good if you learnt about the Columbia Icefields by reading the above posts. I think you must go there as I talked about it with my friends and saw images too which proved it a great place for the freaks.