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First time ever doing a solo trip to another country...

Travel Forums General Talk First time ever doing a solo trip to another country...

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1. Posted by irishman301 (Budding Member 5 posts) 22w

Today I randomly decided to book a 10-day trip to Ireland. I live in the U.S.

I'm leaving the US on a Sunday and returning on a Thursday (11 days later).

All I am going to bring with me is a backpack...I am going to pack extremely light. I'm not sure yet whether I should book just one hostel for my entire 10 nights, of if I should just book the hostel for maybe 2 - 3 nights, as I do intend to make my way around this new continent in this 10-day period. I may want to stay in another city/town/country.

But then again, I have no clue as I have never done anything like this before. My plan is to just "figure it out when I get there".

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

2. Posted by Andyf (Moderator 725 posts) 22w

Yeah, you can't see Ireland by daytripping from Dublin so I'd say book a hostel for 3 nights and wing it from there.

3 nights is probably about right, as you can loop back to Dublin at the end of your trip to fill in the gaps. Assuming your flights are into and out of DUB?

3. Posted by irishman301 (Budding Member 5 posts) 22w

Hey thanks for the fast reply!

Ya my flights are both in and out of Dublin.

My main concern was that all the hostels would be filled up and I'd be left with no where to stay. Is that something that commonly happens, or should I be ok with that?

4. Posted by Andyf (Moderator 725 posts) 22w

It depends what places are on your radar, and how much you mind paying for something more expensive than a hostel bed if you get stuck. What time of year are you travelling?

Rural Ireland is the kind of place you'll find pubs with some bedrooms doing bed and breakfast, which will probably be your next step up from hostels.

If you have an itinerary that you MUST follow then prebook, otherwise you can let the availability shape your route a little?

5. Posted by irishman301 (Budding Member 5 posts) 22w

Haha nope, no itinerary. I'm just going with me and a backpack.

I have a credit card in case worst comes to worst. Honestly, I'd sleep anywhere it doesn't matter to me at all.

I'm going from October 23rd till Nov 3rd. Not sure if that's a busy time or not. A

6. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3744 posts) 22w

I'd book 2-3 nights so you have somewhere after your flight, and then take it from there.

I recommend the Cliffs of Moher on the West Coast - it's beautiful.

Have fun!

7. Posted by Andyf (Moderator 725 posts) 22w

Yep, low season. Just wing it, you'll be fine. :-)

8. Posted by irishman301 (Budding Member 5 posts) 22w

Cool thanks!

9. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1734 posts) 22w

Ya my flights are both in and out of Dublin.

Yeah, book a few days in the beginning so you have a place to head for. Maybe also book a final night for just before you fly home. I like to be back in the departure city ahead of time and not try to arrive from out of town at the last minute.

For things to do you should do a little research. From the US you have good library system. Check out some travel guides on the Republic of Ireland. Look over the maps and see how to get to the places that interest you. Read up on the country's currency and voltage.

(Google search can be helpful too.)

Having a credit card is helpful in case you are in an accident. I always tell my bank that I might be using their card overseas before flying out. Bringing US dollars with you along with debit cards? (Don't rely on a single debit card for cash. You might lose a single card or even damage it so it doesn't work in an ATM.)

Work up a budget and see how much you have available each day for hotel and day to day expenses. Sometimes a Google search has sample budgets you can look over.

Traveling with a single pack have a smaller bag with you too. If your pack is too big for carry-on you will have to check it in. Don't leave computer in a checked in bag. Keep your passport and money on your body when traveling. (I have copies of my passport info pages kept separate. ) Hard to replace a lost or stolen passport when overseas so be careful!

Have a way to lock your bag up if you are using dorms. The smaller bag can come in handy when out and about. Check the weather for the months you will be overseas.

  • Last time I was in Ireland was probably before you were born. I can't add anything recent for accommodation.

Have fun.

10. Posted by irishman301 (Budding Member 5 posts) 22w

Thanks for all the tips!

Much appreciated. I'm definitely nervous, but I think it'll be fun!