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As a British Citizen what do I need to Live/Work in Malta?

Travel Forums Europe As a British Citizen what do I need to Live/Work in Malta?

1. Posted by dm06 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 19w

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I'm looking to move to Malta in a couple of months and was wondering what I needed to Live and Work there?

I know I don't need a visa and from my research I gather I just need a tax code, resident ID card and bank account, Am I missing anything?

Any information would be much appreciated

Kind Regards

2. Posted by WomBatt (Full Member 133 posts) 18w

Have you visited ex-pat forums?

3. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1734 posts) 18w

Google search might be helpful too:


4. Posted by OldPro (Inactive 406 posts) 18w

Do you ever watch or listen to the news dm06? I ask because there is this thing called Brexit that has been in the news recently.

Currently, as a Brit you do not need a visa to live and work in Malta. Malta is like the UK, a member of the EU. However, the UK is going to leave the EU soon and when that happens, who knows what the status of a Brit in an EU country will be? NO ONE knows and no one is guaranteeing anything.

It is LIKELY that those who have been there 5 years or more will be allowed to stay. Those with under 5 years are LIKELY to have to meet the same criteria as any other non-EU national who wants to apply for Residency. The EU MAY elect to shorten that cut-off to say 2 years but I doubt they will shorten it to 1 year. All of this is just a 'best guess' though and nothing is as I said, guaranteed.

So the first question is how long do you intend to stay? If it is a year or less, no problem, the UK will still be a member of the EU for that long. If it is a long term idea then you MAY have a problem if you cannot qualify for Residency as a non-EU national.

5. Posted by Andyf (Moderator 725 posts) 18w

I would ignore that "over 5 years likely / under 5 years likely" stuff, at this stage it's far worse than a best guess, it's disinformation with no basis whatsoever.

At this stage I wouldn't let Brexit factor into a decision on Malta. Quite simply no one knows what the future holds, the one thing that is likely is that in 2017Q1 the process of negotiating withdrawal will start and will then take up to 2 years; speculation about who can do what after that is at this stage just hot air.

6. Posted by OldPro (Inactive 406 posts) 18w

As I wrote, there are no guarantees but educated guesses are far from hot air. There are plenty of articles on the impact with most predicting something similar.

Nor does it make any sense at all to not 'let Brexit factor into a decision on Malta.' Anyone contemplating such a move now for a duration of more than 2 years would be an idiot to not factor it in. For example, someone planning to work or a couple retiring to Spain and planning to buy a home would be crazy to not consider WHAT IF. There are a lot of Brit expats in the EU right now who are scared to death of what is going to happen to them. Their residency status, their right to work, their pensions, their healthcare. ALL those things will be affected by Brexit.

But until the OP returns to say what the actual planned duration of this 'move to Malta' means, it's all speculation as to how it will affect him/her.

7. Posted by Andyf (Moderator 725 posts) 18w

The British media is, in two camps, having a field day with articles stating all sorts as fact. A Google search will indeed bring these up but it doesn't alter the fact that they're still just hot air.

8. Posted by OldPro (Inactive 406 posts) 18w

Since you want to insist on repeating your 'hot air' comment Andyf, let me try to make this simple enough for you to understand.

It is BECAUSE the outcome is unknown that it should MATTER to someone looking at moving there. If the outcome was known, there would be no problem making the decision, for or against!

To write, "At this stage I wouldn't let Brexit factor into a decision on Malta", is ludicrious. It is the exact opposite of what someone should be doing, that is, factoring Brexit IN to their decision, not OUT of their decision.

You seem to be unable to see the difference between whether opinions are right or wrong (or 'hot air') as to the likely outcome vs. whether someone should be considering the possible outcome of Brexit on their decision to move somewhere that will be affected.

There is NO doubt whatsoever that it WILL have an impact. All that differs is opinions on WHAT the impact will be.

Now, can you understand the difference? Or do you still think it should be ignored by a Brit considering a move to an EU country IF they intend to make a long term move?

I'll say again, if the OP is only talking about moving for a year, it doesn't matter. If the OP plans a move of more than 2 years it most definitely does matter.

9. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1734 posts) 18w

"I'm looking to move to Malta in a couple of months and was wondering what I needed to Live and Work there?"


Have you ever been to Malta? If you have never been to Malta before VISIT FIRST! Talk to other expats. See if you like this place first before burning your bridges behind you! Besides just moving there you should know how to handle your finances. If you have a pension or other savings know how to have access to money back home. If any special medical condition know if you will or won't have a problem in Malta that requires an air ambulance to a country with better medical facilities.

  • Malta comes up at 122 square miles. London, for comparison, shows at just over 600 square miles.

Wage comparisons:

if you haven't been there before - visit first is my advice! The cost of the plane ticket and a few weeks of accommodation may be worth the price! Talking to other expats in person can be very helpful!

  • * I was in Valetta back when I was a kid (retired now) and had a good time. But that was a short visit as a naive teenager and everything was strange and exciting especially the "Gut!"

Good luck.