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I'm truly starting to want to travel! for REAL!

Travel Forums Introductions I'm truly starting to want to travel! for REAL!

1. Posted by franchino87 (Budding Member 2 posts) 3w Star this if you like it!

Good evening everybody, this summer i went to Fuerteventura as a solo traveler and i've been amazed by the people i met and the things i've done.

As soon as i got back home one of my obsession came back to light! I WANT TO TRAVEL! i want to take a gap year, maybe two, i don't know.
At home i have no family or children but a mortgage on my house and a loan on my car.
I figured out that i could rent my house in order to pay the mortgage and the loan...

I gave myself 1 year to figure out, if, how, where and when.
IF i really want to leave my work, my house and everything inside my confort zone to star traveling among the world
HOW financially speaking, i may need to take a second job and save a lot for this gap year to happen, i thought about 8/10k € would last some months.
WHERE in order to do this trip i need to focus on "third world" country because the cost of life is such inexpensive there and i can survive even with my budget
WHEN my initial idea was to follow the summer, yet it could be quite hard to do that

My starting point will be Italy, i'd love to visit Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe but i really don't know where to start to figure out a plan of action!

Any advice is very very very welcome!

2. Posted by Teoni (Full Member 144 posts) 3w Star this if you like it!

When going to more expensive places look at travelling in shoulder seasons. The weather is usually mild and the prices are cheaper. In terms of saving look also at the small things. I know people who saved up to $2000 a year just by cutting out cafe bought coffee. Make a list of all the non necessity things you purchase and think if you could cut back or cut them out entirely.

3. Posted by Scottyy (Budding Member 20 posts) 3w Star this if you like it!

Franchino87. Hello I understand your pain and trouble if you want to call it that. It's a hurdle ofcouse it is. I was in and still am the same position as you sort of. We have a family farm and I run the farm when I'm here ... I went to new zeland for a few months and I've drove round Spain. Any ways I've got a mortgage on land and few other direct debit so I had to budget it wasnt a problem as I'm pritty good with money to a point hahahah. I just made sure that I had enough to cover the bills for a few months and then I could transfer money from nz if I needed to luckily I sold a few things while I was away that sorted me out. Anyways I'm going to oz in October for a year maybe more and I've got enough money to cover 10 Ish months and by then some of my cows will be fit so my dad can top the account up as we go :). But I wouldn't worry to much about it asking as you got a few months money to cover the bills. I would just take the step and go travel :)

4. Posted by RachelB17 (Budding Member 4 posts) 2w Star this if you like it!

Sorry no advice but just wanted to add. My feelings exactly! I really want to see the world as well. But when I sit down to think about it, it's so seems like such a task. But I guess the first part is to have the $$ so I am constantly saving for it.

5. Posted by Beausoleil (Respected Member 316 posts) 2w Star this if you like it!

Don't know if it's any help but when I want to go someplace, I figure out pretty much what it will cost and then when I want to go. Then I figure out how many months (weeks) until I want to leave and divide the cost of the trip by the number of months (or weeks) until I want to leave. This tells me how much I need to save every month (or every week) to reach my goal. It's always worked because it really disciplines how you spend your money.

Good luck. You can do it.

6. Posted by Piecar (Travel Guru 924 posts) 2w Star this if you like it!

I'm at a pub here, so I´ll be brief, but add more later.

The thing I find most interesting about travel, other than the newness of the places I see, is just how little a person needs to survive and....yes, be perfectly content. You´ll have to decide what kind of traveller you want to be. Are you a hostel and meeting other travellers type of traveller? Are you a hotel, and private bathroom and just see stuff type? Do you prefer to fight your way through a foreign language to eat, or are you one who will only go to towns where there is a Hard Rock Cafe so you know you can get American food?(I met a couple like that once)

My suggestion is to try an extended alone trip as the first type, and see just how far your patience extends. Mine DID NOT extend that far, but yours might. Do that first trip and then decide whether you can live like that for a roving trip like you propose.

My ohly other suggestion is to drum up three grand(American) and then go to one area until the money fails, and then go home. See how long you can make it last. (save money for the getting home part.)