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Mazatlan Beachfront "Hostel" living

Travel Forums North America Mazatlan Beachfront "Hostel" living

1. Posted by El Gallo (Budding Member 5 posts) 13y

You won't find any hostels listed for Mazatlan, but it has something many people like
even more--a nearby stretch of 12 miles of empty beach with some little cabins and
palapas to rent right on the sand. Communal kitchens, bonfires, beachfront living
just minutes from the discos and jazz bars of Mazatlan. A quick boat trip and your
there, paying under $4 USD to tent, under $12 for rooms with hot water.

Happy Trails

El Gallo

[ Edit: sorry, no website promotions in the forum please. ]

2. Posted by El Gallo (Budding Member 5 posts) 12y

Edit: sorry, no website promotions in the forum please.

What the hell does that mean? You can't link to places? Some park or hotel has a great website with pictures and history, but you can't use that, just jot down a quick written description? Does this make all that much sense?

3. Posted by Peter (Admin 5958 posts) 12y

Hi El Gallo,

We have no problem with websites that are posted when people are asking for information. When people make a whole thread just to mention a website, it's a different story - particularly when that website is commercial, or the member hasn't been around very long. This is one of our few forum rules, which you may like to refer to. If you want to have a website promoted on this site, you should follow the proper channels through the links directory. The forum is here to answer questions, not promote businesses.

Cheers, Peter