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Arsenal Wins FA Cup

Travel Forums Off Topic Arsenal Wins FA Cup

1. Posted by Wocca (Inactive 3745 posts) 11y

Arsenal has won its 10th FA Cup after a penalty shootout with Manchester United

Glorious Gunners win the first ever FA Cup Final penalty shoot-out

2. Posted by Wocca (Inactive 3745 posts) 11y

Have we got any TP football (soccer) fans?

OR Haven't you finished the weekend celebrations yet?

3. Posted by klangeluk (Full Member 146 posts) 11y

who missed the penalty..forgot his name

4. Posted by newguy (Full Member 197 posts) 11y

Paul Scoles...but who cares about that when there's a Champions League final tonight?!

5. Posted by klangeluk (Full Member 146 posts) 11y

Quoting Jared 虫的傳人

who cares when there's a Champions League final tonight?!

what channel la..

6. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 11y

Can somebody explain all these different cups for me. There's the FA cup, the EUFA cup, the champions league... I'm confused.

7. Posted by Wocca (Inactive 3745 posts) 11y

England claims to be the birthplace of soccer, so I'll leave it to possibly an English member to explain

8. Posted by dbgomes (Respected Member 72 posts) 11y

Put simply...

England has a number of levels (not just england sorry) of football competition. The top level is the English Premier League involving the big clubs (chelsea, man u etc)

At the end of the season the top placed team in the EPL wins the League cup.

The FA Cup is a knockout tournament involving the EPL teams and also lower division teams. After teh knockout rounds 2 teams are left... this year Man U and Arsenal.

Champions League, which Livepool took out this morning, is a competition open only to the top teams from the European Nations. The top 4 EPL teams at the end of this season have qualified for Champions league next year. Similar from the Italian league, spanish league etc. The league has initial group stages and then goes to knockout format (similar to the world cup). So the winner of this is deamed the best club team in europe.

EUFA cup, is a lower european cup which has the next higest teams competing in it from the different domestic leagues.

There are also other cups such as the Carling cup which is another English only competition.

Hope that clears it a little for you