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Budget for Thail-Camb-Viet-Malay-Sing

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1. Posted by matt_25 (Full Member 42 posts) 11y


I am trying to work out a budget for the amount of money that I am going to need (per day) for each of the following countries:-


I will be staying in hostels and trying to eat as cheap as possible.

Can anyone give me a rough idea (on average) of how much money you spent each day when you visited the above mentioned countries.

Thanks in advance.


2. Posted by klangeluk (Full Member 146 posts) 11y

Considering cheap accomodation + no fancy restaurant x 3 meals a day + cheap transportation (e.g. buses or rail transit)

Thailand = US$25-30
Cambodia = US$50-70
Malaysia = US$30-35
Singapore = twice malaysian price

3. Posted by rbisset (Budding Member 26 posts) 11y

You sure? all my books says $15/day for Cambodia and even less for thailand

4. Posted by tmc7427 (Inactive 42 posts) 11y

best bet is to use the rough guides or lonley planet books, stay in the backpacker areas, in bangkock, siem reap, stay near the river in phom pehn, backpacker area in saigon and hue and hanoi. very much on budget. have fun

5. Posted by Travel100 (Travel Guru 1556 posts) 11y

Of the countries you mention Singapore is the expensive one. Better make that a short visit. Thailand and Cambosia are both very cheap if you don't mind rouging it a bit.

6. Posted by klangeluk (Full Member 146 posts) 11y

i spent/ripped hell lot in cambodia and i didnt know why, i wasnt on backpackin trip

7. Posted by sonjaj79 (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y


I was there a couple of years ago so this may have changed some and it really depends on how much your drink.
Don't forget to budget for transport and unexpected happenings.
Have fun!

8. Posted by matt_25 (Full Member 42 posts) 11y

Super - thanks for the heads up!

Also I was wondering how cheap it is to travel around by public transport in these places?