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cheap hotels in London--an oxymoron?

Travel Forums Europe cheap hotels in London--an oxymoron?

1. Posted by Pugwash (Budding Member 4 posts) 13y

I'm looking for a somewhat central place to stay in London for 4 nights. Would appreciate ensuite bathroom (I'm not much for trotting down the hall in the middle of the night in search of one). If you have found the dream hotel, B&B, or hostel, please let me know...

Many thanks!

2. Posted by sole (Respected Member 208 posts) 13y

Have you got any idea of how much you want to pay for a room? Are you looking for a single room or a double? I might have some links that would be useful for you, rates for single rooms from about 30 £.

Let me know if you're interested.


3. Posted by janeyee (Full Member 38 posts) 13y

Hi Sole,

I was in London last month and I stayed for 2 nights in Piccadilly Backpackers. I paid for 15 pound per night including breakfast (toast & coffee & juice). The place is clean (the washrooms included), the staff are very friendly, the best thing is it's right in the middle of the city at Piccadilly circus, within walking distance to most major attractions.

Internet Access (1 pound per hour)

PS : you do not need to walk too far to the washroom.


4. Posted by sole (Respected Member 208 posts) 13y

Hi Jane,

That's pretty cheap and very good location. Have heard about this hostel, I guess it's one of the hostels on the accomodation site.

Let's hope Pugwash sees this, as she/he (???) was the one asking for recommendations ;)

If you're 2 people travelling together you can sometimes get a hotel with private bathroom for the same price as a hostel, so it's merely a matter of preferences.



5. Posted by janeyee (Full Member 38 posts) 13y

Hi Sole,

Sorry, after submitting the reply then I realised it's Pugwash I should address the message to but I couldn't edit the message


6. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 13y

Have heard some good things about Picadilly Backpackers myself actually.... seems like a very good location and price for that location. I believe it has been voted one of the top ten hostels in Europe a few times on the booking system we use too.... and those votes are cast by backpackers in case you are wondering :)



7. Posted by sole (Respected Member 208 posts) 13y

Hi again Jane,

no problem, I figured something like that had happened ;)