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following the old silk road and tibet/Lhasa then eastwards

Travel Forums Asia following the old silk road and tibet/Lhasa then eastwards

1. Posted by doodle (Budding Member 2 posts) 13y

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hi there,

would anyone out there give me some hints, tips or warnings about travelling from beijing westwards along the old silk road to the russian border and down to Tibet and Lhasa? I would be starting in october 2004 and am allowing 2 max for this my Journey. I have read that i need to get on an official tour to Tibet and not allowed to wonder in myself! any recommendations for these tours?

After I would like to work my way eastwards to through chengdu, Guilin, shanghai and back to beijing-hopefully before it gets too cold!

i'll be grateful to hear from anyone that could help me.


2. Posted by wildbird (Budding Member 2 posts) 13y

hi there,

you said that you were travelling for 2 I hope that that is 2 years, if so you should have a great time.
I can't help you with tibel et c.,, but my son has been there and he visits me often, so if you don't get too many interesting replies, please email me again and I shall ask him.

As far as China goes, sure I have been to Guilin shendu, Guanzhou, Xhian, etc., etc., have travelled round most of china, and have many notebooks, etc., on these places, so if you don't get any positive replies form too many people, please email me and I shall look up where I have been and the notations that go with it.
Incidentally How old are you, how tall and what hair colour have you?
These questions are not out of curiosity but out of what happened to me being caucaasian, 5'10" auburn haired I was not only a curiosity but followed though the streets of outbackvillages in China so I know what a monkey in a cage feels like.
Mind you, the places that I went to had never seen a caucasian before. Great travelling independently but has its draw backs.!