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Forum connection seems Slow (the last week or so)

Travel Forums System Talk Forum connection seems Slow (the last week or so)


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11. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4951 posts) 11y

Things seem as fast as ever for me here in Australia (21 'hops' (computers routing network traffic) away - which is a lot), so I doubt it's the network connection to the server. (Plus the new server should be located in the same facility as the old one anyway.)

I wanted to suggest that it might be due to the new markup we have - I seem to recall that IE has problems interpreting how to do layout for a max of tables and divs, and might thus wait with displaying until everything is in - but then, Travel100 just switched to Firefox, so that shouldn't be it either.

Still, for the record, which browser is everyone who sees this using?
When the pages finally display - do they show completely (like 'snap' into existence), or is there an incremental effect? (The bottom of the page not yet showing while the top is already there, or the width of certain page elements varying during the initial seconds.)

Also, does it make any difference if you're logged in or logged out when things are slow?

12. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4951 posts) 11y

For a "mix" of tables and divs even. Yes. Must make edit function. :)

13. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 11y

Usually it is the delay...then is there...once in a great while...the white box will appear and the heading on top...with no text or buttons etc.....(I really think you should be questioning Isa and Reece, then tend to break TP alot;))

14. Posted by Peter (Admin 5938 posts) 11y

Yeah strange, if anything I find it considerably faster than before.

Both Cupcake and Travel100 on Firefox.. hmmm. Any IE'ers having the same problem (btw, there's a nice extension 'Tweak Network' that can help you speed up Firefox considerably as well). Still, nothing should take 20 secs, even if it is just waiting for the entire page to load. The only possible situation where this could happen is when there is a LOT of traffic on the server, but so far I think the server has been handling the load quite capably, without any of the crashes we were experiencing before.

Oh, and yes, the server is in the same location (west coast USA), so the people in the US should be the last to have problems.

I'll see what I can do though

15. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 11y

Quoting Sander

Yes. Must make edit function. :)

Writing this down, dating it, and having it noterized;)

16. Posted by Travel100 (Travel Guru 1556 posts) 11y

Answering Sander's questions:

I use Firefox. I've never even opened IE since I switched.

It's the delay (10, 15 or 20/sec. with the hourglass :( ) and then to quote CC "BAM" the whole page displays., sorry to hear you had the delay, but at least I don't have to pack up and move to Europe now.

17. Posted by Travel100 (Travel Guru 1556 posts) 11y


Didn't see the last question. I am always logged in. Only once every 10 days do I need to relog in.

Thanks for looking into it guys

18. Posted by Reece Sanford (Travel Guru 1368 posts) 11y

im finding it slow as well jeff

19. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 11y

using 'ie' here and though it has been slower in the afternoons recently i find it works perfect say before 1pm Irish time

20. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 11y

It's as fast, or faster, than before here in Norway......