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List of people that are going to be in Latin America

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111. Posted by dbloom (Travel Guru 586 posts) 11y

Traveling in C.A. & through El Salvador?

At present I myself am not able to offer a place to stay for anyone in San Salvador, due to my landlady's disdain of all visitors, however have a friend and neighbor living nearby my quarters in the city of San Salvador, José, a 100% bilingual Salvadorian-American who resides on the grounds of an old mansion where he works on repairing and painting boats and vehicles of all types, mostly for foreign residents, so if you are driving there is ample space to park your vehicle*, a wall around the premises with security at night. Inside is quite rustic and would recommend you bring sleeping backs or there is a hammock available for one guest. There is a small kitchenette where one can cook, and city buses stop across the street, there is also a Supermarket one block south, the national university (over 20 cibercafes) is walking distance and the Bohemian night life district of San Luis is a 5 minute bus ride on ruta 46. If out after 8PM best to return in a taxi. José also has 2 vehicles and if wish to add fuel to the tank and pay expenses short tours of El Salvador or transport in the evenings or for errands available. for local (city and inter city) bus trips you're on your own. Buses are frequent and cheap, but usually very crowded. City buses cost 20-23 cents USD, the bus 102 down to Puerto Libertad Beach (1.2 hours) is 55 cents each way. USD is currency, including coins. ATMs everywhere in the capital city, some new cibercafes have cheap net to phone service 9 cents minute USA 14 cents minute up Europe.

  • For those of you driving and experience mechanical problems, José is able to repair almost any type engine. All tools and equipment on site.

At any rate, contact us in advance if planning to visit and I shall give the e mail and telephone numbers to contact for confirmation.

112. Posted by Reece Sanford (Travel Guru 1368 posts) 11y

Now planning my trip to South and Central America and hoping to leave either in February or March 2006.

Not sure yet how long i will spent there yet either although its going to be for at least 6 months i should imagine.

Countries on the list so far are


Although i could end up visiting every country possible as i dont really have anything holding me back.I guess i may just go with the flow and see what happens and where i end up.

113. Posted by dbloom (Travel Guru 586 posts) 11y

Mexico is actually part of North America with USA and Canada. Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama constitute Central America, an Isthmus, land bridge between the 2 continents, to see it cheaply by land pick up the TICA BUS in Tapachula, Mexico or Guatemala City, ride all the way to Panama with unlimited stopovers, then fly Panama over to South America, a short hop to Quito or Lima.

114. Posted by Reece Sanford (Travel Guru 1368 posts) 11y

Quoting dbloom

Mexico is actually part of North America with USA and Canada. Belize

Yes i am well aware of that thank you.Thats why i have a post about Mexico in the other forum.I put Mexico up as well as thats the start of my trip

115. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 11y

Reece that is AWESOME!!
(say you're travelling alone this time out ;) )
Going by way of the U.S.?

116. Posted by Reece Sanford (Travel Guru 1368 posts) 11y

Quoting CupCake

Reece that is AWESOME!!
(say you're travelling alone this time out ;) )
Going by way of the U.S.?

Yep travelling alone this time,well thats unless somebody nice comes along and wants to join me.Although this time its going to be different if someone did.
As for going via the US probably not.Im more than likely going to fly into Mexico City if possible.

117. Posted by Rach-a (Respected Member 368 posts) 11y

Currently in Costa Rica until 7th Feb - leave to go home for two weeks then fly back out to Brazil for a job so in Brazil from around March onwards if anyone is there and wants to meet up!! Will be in Sao Paulo area!! I am not in Buenos Aires now for a while due to accepting job in Brazil!!

Rach :)

118. Posted by dbloom (Travel Guru 586 posts) 11y

Anyone who wants to travel with me in early February basing in El Salvador, where I live and work many years, and going to Honduras and Nicaragua, perhaps Guatemala, you may have to perform a bit of volunteer work in Nicaragua. Hablo español, por supuesto. Message me if interested and to join the 'hospitality club' (members in some countries can put you up at their homes..avoiding hostels). If going on to Costa Rica and Panama plenty of hospitality there (CR is now getting expensive)anyway if flying into Cancun or Mexico City I'll get you here on line easily.....and if coming to Mexico/Central America keep up on our news in English on line too...
Honduras This Week (the best) Newspaper - weekly
For Ex Pats and Visitors to Mexico Web Portal
Guatemala's English Language Magazine with El Salvador, Honduras and Belize sections - Monthly
Costa Rica Newspaper - weekly

Costa Rica daily news, English-language, newspaper, travel, politics, environment,
government, business.

always know before you go.

We are working with Ministry of Tourism in El Salvador and aiding a non profit project in Nicaragua and Honduras is awesome. Lot of hospitality available Antigua and Guatemala city in Guatemala, if coming from Cancun is via Belize and Tikal Ruins in Guatemala.

119. Posted by helenpee (Budding Member 3 posts) 11y


Im living in santiago till end of july but will be travelling from buenos aires up to salvador during feb and then i'll be heading back to santiago in march. if anyone drops into santiago and feels lost and lonely, drop me a line and we'll hook up. safe travels.
Helen x

120. Posted by byron_mu (Budding Member 6 posts) 11y

Xela, Guatemala
may15th-aug 15
Havana, Cuba
Aug 15-Nov-15

by the way...

anybody know how i can get from mexico to cuba...(yucatan ferrys?)?

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