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Turkey or Europe?

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1. Posted by zags (Respected Member 370 posts) 11y

I want to take a vacation and visit either Europe or Turkey or even both, although I know the time won't be enough. I can only get 20 workdays off from work at the most (that equals more or less one month). Which places would you suggest me visit? It will be a trip of a life time - I've been planning and saving money for it. After the trip I plan to settle to have a child - then I might not be able to afford any more trip abroad.

So, which place do you think I should see if I have to choose? And which cities/towns/attractions in particular?

Any idea?

TIA ;)

2. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 11y

Hi Tia,

What are you interested in ? It might make it easier to suggest things, I was in Istanbul a few weeks ago and found it to be an amazing place and would have loved to have had more time to explore further, is there any sites in partivular you would love to see in Turkey or Istanbul ? When would you be going ? This would help for looking at weather and costs (high/ low season etc)


3. Posted by zags (Respected Member 370 posts) 11y

Hi Nikki,

TIA = Thanks in advance ;)

I think I saw your new Turkey pictures on TP today. You must've had a great experience there!

Of course I really want to go to Turkey. I've heard a lot and read about it and I want to see Istanbul, Ephesus, Cappadocia, Aphrodisias, etc. Too many places I want to see! Besides, I have a Turkish friend and we would really love it if we could meet again.

But I also want to see Europe. I have a Belgian friend who's been friends for years now, and I want to meet her too.

I want too much, don't I...

I like to see beautiful natural wonders and cultures, and I think both Turkey and Europe have them.

Advise pleez... ;)

4. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 11y

ahh i'm having a blonde day, duhhh why didn't i cop onto tia,.... my excuse it was too early !! ;)

If you go to Europe do you plan on basing yourself in Belgium and working around it , or backpacking around ?

I really did enjoy Istanbul, i'm actually trying to get some time off so i can go back in september , there are so many things that i want to see (a lot of them are on your list !!)

you can never want too much !! also what would your budget per day be ? that will influence where you can go and stay ??

5. Posted by zags (Respected Member 370 posts) 11y

I know, I know I want too much but I also know I couldn't get all.

If I really go, the sure thing is I will visit London and stay for a couple of days there. Then if I decide to travel Europe, I'll visit my friend in Belgium and stay for a couple of days then backpack around. But if I decide Turkey then I'll find a flight from London to Istanbul.

I should calculate how much my budget per day would be. How much per day is it if I want to stay in B&Bs/pensions, and eat local food (no fine dining), and transportation (train or bus)? I know Europe is much more expensive than Turkey, but I want to get a picture how many days I can survive travelling...

For Turkey I want to visit Istanbul, try the Turkish bath, see the whirling dervishes, visit Ephesus, Oludeniz, Aphrodisias, Cappadocia.

For Europe I would visit Schengen countries (so it's easier to prepare the visa than preparing one visa for one country) especially Belgium, the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Kinderdijk to see the wind mills), Italy (Rome, Pompeii, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Capri/Blue Grotto), perhaps Greece, France, perhaps Spain.

I would not be so surprised if in the end I would have to trim down the list and be more focused on fewer places.

What do you suggest? And pls give me a rough budget per day. THanks!


6. Posted by Philymop (Respected Member 110 posts) 11y

Hi Tia,

Well, I have been to Turkey once, a long time ago, on a family holiday so can't really be of much use to you. However, I do have a friend who emigrated there from the US 5 years ago and is absolutely in love with the place. If you visit, it gives details of different womens experiences of Turkey and may be of some help?

I'm sure whereever you go, you will enjoy yourself! Have fun!

7. Posted by zags (Respected Member 370 posts) 11y

Is it difficult to find a transportation in cities/towns in Turkey? Do you take a bus or train or else to go places and what about going around a city?

How do I reach Oludeniz, Ephes, etc.?


8. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 11y

The bus system in Turkey is very popular and extensive. You can get almost anywhere by bus. Most of the buses are very large, modern two story buses however they are driven by madmen. If you travel from say, Istanbul to Oludeniz you will see numerous accidents on your travels.

I have been on overnight bus trips in Turkey and have been too "on edge" to sleep due to the erratic driving of both the bus driver and other people in the road.

Just keep in mind that Cappadocia is a fair way to travel to.

9. Posted by zags (Respected Member 370 posts) 11y

Quoting james

... they are driven by madmen. If you travel from say, Istanbul to Oludeniz you will see numerous accidents on your travels.

... OMyGod. What about train?

I started thread "Turkey: easy to travel?" to post my questions about travelling Turkey (becasue this is the General Talk forum).

Anyway I still don't know which one to choose, Turkey or Europe. So far you guys give me tips on Turkey. No one recommend Europe over Turkey?

10. Posted by Tamo (Full Member 40 posts) 11y

I just got back from Turkey two weeks ago, had an amazing time! The food out thee is soooo cheap and transport is incredibley cheap - just wave the bus down from the side of the road and it costs about 30p! (I do have to warn you against turkish drivers like james... no seat belts and theyre all mad in my opinion. Big bus, small bus, car, bike... They have a strange way of working... if youre in a town, they drive around looking for people to pick up, and wont take you to your destination till theyre full!) I was only there for a week, but managed to fit in a trip to ephesus and pammakulae (both soooo worth a visit, ephesus is incedible), a boat trip round to the islands in the bay and a turkish bath and massage! Mmmmm...! The one thing I'd point out... alcohol is very very expensive! Everything else is really cheap though, which makes up for it in my opinion. Just a thought, but if you have around 3 weeks, why not island hop from athens in greece to bodrum in turkey? Kos is about an hour by boat from turkey, and youd be able to visit so many cool places - kos, paxos, santorini. Then bus it to istanbul or marmaris and fly back home. Just a thought!

Tams x