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First Time Traveller Alone and destinations?

Travel Forums General Talk First Time Traveller Alone and destinations?

1. Posted by StephV (Budding Member 15 posts) 11y

I am hoping to travel to Thailand, Cambodia, New Zealand and Fiji next year on my own.
is a good idea and safe to go on my own or should i find someone to go with?
Also if anyone has any more good destination ideas i would really appreciate it!

2. Posted by Travel100 (Travel Guru 1556 posts) 11y

It's always safer if you are with someone else. "Solo" people are always easier targets. Traveling "solo" you'll just want to be a little more careful. That being said, the 4 places you mention are very safe places to visit in my opinion.

3. Posted by StephV (Budding Member 15 posts) 11y

Thanks thats comforting. Its juts the idea of going sumwhere 'on your own' and not knowing anyone. lol

4. Posted by SkacoreUK (Full Member 56 posts) 11y

Hi StephV.....

I'm heading off to C & S America for 3 or 4 months alone, and it will be my first time travelling.

From what I can gather you just have to be more alert about people around you, and try to travel lighter (can't leave your bag with a friend whilst you queue for a ticket etc).

However, I reckon that the experience of travelling alone, far outweighs the possible pitfalls.

No matter what happens, I am sure you will have an increadable time

5. Posted by StephV (Budding Member 15 posts) 11y

thanksevery1 is making me feel a lot better about going alone im excitd again now and its not even til nxt year!

6. Posted by poiseivy (Inactive 9 posts) 11y

Hi Steph,

I agree with Skacore. I'm also planning my trip to SE Asia, Australia, NZ, S,C and N.America. I'm planning to go solo as well. You can start off with your trip by going with someone if it will make you feel more comfortable, then half way decide that you want to finish the trip by yourself. But either way you'll always meet lots of other travellers on your way and won't feel so alone.


7. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 11y

Another way is to meet up with friends in the countries that you're visiting. Make plans to chill out for a couple of days or something, that can be good fun and ensure that someone is looking out for you. Might get to meet a few friendly TPers this way! :)