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Last minute packing questions

Travel Forums General Talk Last minute packing questions

1. Posted by grant123 (Full Member 38 posts) 11y


I'm off to Munich and then the Greek Island of Corfu in about 36 hours. My backpack showed up today and, my my my, it is really quite small! Please take a look at what I'm bringing along and let me know if I'm forgetting anything. The computer stuff is necessary for work.

Packed in backpack:
Lonely Planet book
energy bars
empty plastic bags (for dirty clothes, etc.)
laptop power cord
wireless card
ethernet cable
music headphones
microphone headphones (for phone calls)
bathing suit (2 pairs)
shirts (2 pairs)
collared shirt
socks (2 pairs)
underwear (2 pairs)
cosmetics bag
body wash

Tied to outside of backpack:

I'll be wearing:

That is EVERYTHING I'll have for at least 6 weeks over there. Will I be OK without a towel? I plan to stay in hostels.

- Grant

2. Posted by FionaNZ (Respected Member 903 posts) 11y

Hey Grant,

You must be really excited now.. lucky thing

You will need to have your wallet/passport on you not in your backpack.

I would pack another pair of shorts (its summer)

You will need to take a towel with you, for use at the hostels & the beach

Have a blast

3. Posted by stephy (Full Member 51 posts) 11y

wow u dare t o bring a laptop? u are sure that u need it? would be a lot of money if they steal it...

a towel, i got such a thin one, that girls also use like dresses u know? but also for boys as towels...really small and dries well...

hey u can buy everything u have forgotten....
u have batteries, sunlotion (HIHI> i want to be in summer, i am fed up with winter here in BA!!!!)?

it is always the same, always the feeling that something is missing.
calm down, enjoy the last hours, dont stress u....but be excited

4. Posted by Eleanor123 (Budding Member 22 posts) 11y

Hi Grant,
Your trip sounds great, I'm really jealous! It sounds like you have everything you need but I'm sure you could buy anything you'd left behind in Munich/Corfu. Are you taking a camera? You could just get a disposable one or something. Have a good time!

5. Posted by Blitz198 (Full Member 99 posts) 11y

Deck of cards, and maybe one of those trave wallets that strap to your stomach

6. Posted by areinstein (Travel Guru 2788 posts) 11y

Quoting Eleanor123

Are you taking a camera? You could just get a disposable one or something.

Yes, dont forget your camera! And bring a small towel with you also.

7. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 11y

Definitely the towel. Sunglasses too, perhaps?

Maybe a pen and a small notepad, just in case you need to take down notes/directions for some reason??

And photocopies of your travel documents. Keep a copy for yourself, give one set to your family or something.

Have fun!

8. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 11y

Hello Grant!
Sounds like you have everything! :)
Have you had a look at the 'tools' link at the top of this page?
There is a very ALL inclusive packing list there. Maybe you could compare it to yours? Or just skim it over....just looking over it, maybe something you didn't think of will pop out at you.
Have an excellent trip!

9. Posted by stephy (Full Member 51 posts) 11y

and may be a first aid kitt.
very little, but at least aspirin, tape...
( i never hurt my self but on trips so often, dont know why...)