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Photo Gallery space!

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1. Posted by jen_jo (Full Member 5 posts) 11y


Does anybody know how I can get more space for my photo's in the photo gallery, as it is full at the moment and I want to add more photo's without deleting the photo's already there!


2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4958 posts) 11y

jen_jo: if you become an active member of the forums, you get more space to upload photos to as your "member title" changes (to full member, respected member and travel guru).
We're also working on a large overhaul of the photo uploading process that should give you a lot more space, but I don't expect this to be put in for a few more weeks yet (at the very least not until Peter gets back from vacation), so I fear that's not really useful to you...

But yeah, post a bit on the forum - it's easy enough to loose the "first time poster" status, and that should double the space you have available, iirc.

3. Posted by Deleted28 (inactive 90 posts) 11y

can i do that too?

4. Posted by jen_jo (Full Member 5 posts) 11y

Thank you, will do!