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Operation Isa needs Post Card

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21. Posted by Isadora (Moderator, 13924 posts) 29 Jun '05 10:40

YEAH - OPERATION ISA in full force!!!!!!!!

I better head out to the mail box now and wait for delivery!!!! I am soooo excited!!!!! Put return addresses on them so you can receive the favor in reverse!!!!!! ;)

Thanks everyone! We can have a post card club now!

22. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru, 8468 posts) 29 Jun '05 10:46

I am moving across the country next I will get postcards out to anyone who wants them (Isa and Sam? Your already down for a batch from across the US) I will just pick up gobs of them on the way and I will send them out after I get moved in! So pm your addy and I will send you a BUNCH! ;)

23. Posted by Hien (Moderator, 3906 posts) 29 Jun '05 21:42

Quoting Brendan

Anyone wants a Post Card from Canada just send me your Address

Ok, anyone wants to send me a postcard just send me a PM for my address.

24. Posted by Isadora (Moderator, 13924 posts) 5 Jul '05 13:58


I just collected the mail and there was a wonderful post card from Berlin tucked between the bills. It is a lovely picture of the Brandenburg Gate and has lots of writing on the back! (No, I'm not going to post what it says here!) Thank you Steffbo!!!!!!

It made it in record time too - dated June 30, 2005.

25. Posted by Isadora (Moderator, 13924 posts) 5 Jul '05 14:02

We will return the favor but I only have 5 addresses so far...

(I have Anne, Joz, Nikki, Hien and Sam. I can't send them if I don't know where they are to go... So, send me a PM if you want something other than a junk mail or bills in you box.)

26. Posted by steff (Travel Guru, 1158 posts) 5 Jul '05 14:41

Quoting Isadora


It made it in record time too - dated June 30, 2005.

My pleasure, Isa! Guess, we have to say thanks to the German efficiency here ;). So, if anybody would like a postcard too, PM me and I'll make more use of my hobby.

27. Posted by daveh (Travel Guru, 1026 posts) 5 Jul '05 20:52

No.2 should be winging it's way across Asia now!!

28. Posted by FionaNZ (Respected Member, 903 posts) 5 Jul '05 21:11

As with a couple from NZ, sent them over a week ago, I thought they might be there by now.... how far in the sticks did you say you were

29. Posted by mahmud (Full Member, 247 posts) 6 Jul '05 00:28

A can send some from Bangladesh.

30. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru, 5924 posts) 6 Jul '05 02:57

heheh this proves how bad the Irish post system is, the postcards and envelope should be there by now, typical, i should have known any company by family works with is too laid back to be on time

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