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Charging Canon Batteries on the road

Travel Forums Travel Photography Charging Canon Batteries on the road

1. Posted by mshorrock (Budding Member 9 posts) 11y

How do I keep my camera battery continuously charged without having to seek out a local power plug adapter for the UK plug the charger has!? I have a Canon EOS30D Digital SLR. Any thoughts?

I have heard of Canon releasing battery packs for EOS cameras that are powered by AA batteries but I cant find them for my model camera anywhere

2. Posted by georgep (Respected Member 201 posts) 11y

The new battery grips for the digital slr's have a AA cartridge. But for the older models i think it's not availible so people with a 30D, 60D or even 10D just need to take a converter plug when they go on a holiday.

You charger would be 100-240volts (at least that's what i expect) so only a plug converter would do the trick and you can get those really cheap. Bought my set (4 different plugs) for 3.5 euro.


3. Posted by Lanrod (Budding Member 8 posts) 11y

It's gonna sound crazy, but I just returned from a 2 week trip to Japan and China with my Canon 20D and shot 400 images with one battery, no charging. I just turned the camera off after each picture and limited my viewing in the lcd.

check out some images on my site.


4. Posted by georgep (Respected Member 201 posts) 11y

Not crazy at all.

I normally get like between 600 and 700 photo's out of my battery (use a 10D) but i don't expect this from a 30D i think canon improved the battery use a lot with the "newer models"

Have fun,