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volonteer work?

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1. Posted by voyages (Inactive 36 posts) 11y

Hi there members,
I need your help once again. First when I started out my plans for a long trip I thought I´d be spending most of it at the beach. Reading some of the threads about volonteer work, it changed my mind. I would like to do some volonteer work in India or in South America but really don´t know where to begin. I have no adresses, no names of organisations, generally no clue about where to start. If any of you can help out, it´ll be much appreciated. I have high qualifications and lots of time to travel. Any help is appreciated.


2. Posted by zachary (Respected Member 471 posts) 11y

apply for the peace corp yet?

3. Posted by voyages (Inactive 36 posts) 11y

Not yet, you don´t have any email address by chance?

4. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 11y

This may help you out...
if the link doesn't work, it is in your top right corner under 'links'
Good Luck! :)

5. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 11y

Hi Pierre,

Do you speak Spanish? That would make matters a lot easier in South America for example. For example, the company where I sit most of the time (I'm part owner, but try not to see this as a plug :) ), offers volunteer work in Costa Rica and includes a mandatory spanish course since it's generally hard to work on a project without some level of Spanish.

If you already speak Spanish, you'll probably find with some research that once you are in the country, it should be doable to find projects to join up with there. Arranging something before departure is often a little harder without an organization helping arrange it... that's what I hear at least!



6. Posted by voyages (Inactive 36 posts) 11y

Thanks everybody for your replies. yesterday I found a site that I want to share with anybody who´s looking for volunteer working.

Good luck

7. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 11y

They've certainly got a lot of different destinations! Their fees are very high though. 999 USD for 2 weeks in Costa Rica... phew

Gives a very good idea of what is available in all the different destinations though!

8. Posted by Pardus (Respected Member 2356 posts) 11y


9. Posted by Gunilla (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y

We have an opportunity for someone to come as a volunteer to Sweden. We have two dogs for someone to tend to and work to do for children with diabetes with an organisation in Kungsbacka. Does anyone know how to find volunteers who do not necessary travel with an agency...We're a hostfamily seeking a guest....Au pairsites are not really the right place for us - neiter is worksites...
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