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Indian Visa Question

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1. Posted by weaversgal (Full Member 107 posts) 11y

my boyfriend and I are going travellin around india for 4 months from the 1st dec and the moving onto nepal, cambodia and thailand...
we have decided we will go down in person to get the visa's so that they are issued stright away and we do not lose out on a months visa... i am right in saying this aint i?
also my other question is... ino we get a 6 month visa which is fine, but we have only booked a one way flight out there as we will be moving to other countries and do not know where we r flying home from... this flight is booked and cannot be changed... does anybody think if we are honest on the application form then we will have a problem? or should we say we just going on a two week holiday???

please advise me on this


2. Posted by Daver141 (Respected Member 117 posts) 11y

Hi, I just got my indian visa, and it was pretty easy. Granted I got it in NYC, but I assume that in the first world, the process should be similar. I told them roughly when I was going to be there, and they issued me a visa, no questions. It was good from the date I listed for 6 months afterwards, for multiple entry. I dont even have a plane ticket yet. I am planning to fly into and home from india, but I am planning to fly into bangkok froom calcutta and wander as far afield as China before coming back. I disclosed none of this to the indians, but then again, they didnt ask.

3. Posted by Daver141 (Respected Member 117 posts) 11y

Also, do it in person. Its a day (early morning to drop the papers off, late afternoon to get them back), but its painless.

4. Posted by georgep (Respected Member 201 posts) 11y

We did our India visa just by mail. Ok took a couple of weeks but no problems what so ever. But we had return tickets where they wanted to have a copy of (i think).

5. Posted by luciano (Full Member 42 posts) 11y

hi, do i HAVE to have an onward ticket included in my mail application?

I just sent my application in the post and didn't include a copy of my onward ticket as I have not paid in full for my RTW tickets. I have paid a deposit for my tickets but don't have to pay in full until 2 weeks before i leave.

hope they dont send it back!????

6. Posted by weaversgal (Full Member 107 posts) 11y

when I last applied for my visa and I did it by post I did not have to include any evidence that I had a return ticket or anything, thats why I'm wondering if I will need it if I do it in person... can anyone in the uk who has applied in person please advise me? i have a feeling it work differently in different countries...


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