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1. Posted by voyages (Inactive 36 posts) 11y

Hi there guys,
I´m trying to find a cheap travel insurance company to cover me nine month in Peru. The swedish one ones are too expensive. Anyone have some information about other european or american companies. It´s good if they´re serious too.

2. Posted by john7buck (Respected Member 458 posts) 11y

When I went down to Peru a few months ago, I purchased travel insurance from Hostel World under tools in Travellerspoint. It was cheap and seemed to cover everything I was looking for, but then I was to only be away for 2 weeks as opposed to 9 months. I didn't encounter any misfortune, so would not be able to tell you how easy it would be to cash it in either.

At any rate, TP lists two different options and they both seem to be fairly cheap. Check it out.

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4. Posted by voyages (Inactive 36 posts) 11y

Thanks guys I will check it up


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