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Things you wouldn't take travelling again

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21. Posted by Q' (Travel Guru 1987 posts) 11y

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But we are intending on going a a cargo boat up and down the Amazon

Cool how did you arrange that?

22. Posted by mim (Travel Guru 1276 posts) 11y

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Has anyone else done this type of thing?

The bit of the Amazon I was Belem-Manaus there was no worries about mosquintos, they prefer stagnated water that you find more in the tributary rivers.
As for sleeping in a hammock, its good fun but you don't get much space!, the locals ll sling their hammocks all over the shop!! Cabins are a bit of a waste of money if your on a budget.

As for books, don't you swap???!!!
thats the best way to read travelling, read one, find someone else and swap your books, Ive read some amazing things that people gave me for instance Papillion, Life of Pi and the rules of attraction!


23. Posted by snatterand (Travel Guru 454 posts) 11y

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But we are intending on going a a cargo boat up and down the Amazon - from Iquitos, Peru - Manuas, Brazil - Now on these boats you either pay for hammock space or a cabin. And we were considering getting hammock space to sleep on - what could anyone recomend we do in this case: would we require a mosquito net? do you drap it around the hammock space area? or should we for $20 more or so just get a cabin?

Has anyone else done this type of thing?

We're also planning to do the cargo boat thing, but from Ecuador to Iquitos, Peru. I've seen pictures from those boats and people don't seem to have any mosquito nets over their hammocks. But mayby that's just before bedtime?!? My boyfriend thought it might be a good idea to simply apply the net over us (like a blanket) without hanging it in anything but I'm not sure... Sounds like claustrophobia to me!


24. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 11y

Polaroid camera's are great in places like the CEntral Asian republics and Africa so you can take pics of people and give them to them (kids etc). But heavy and take space

Things i wouldn't take? Well, wife or gf to begin with. Waay to much hassle...

And teh problem with swapping books is that you have yto be in places where you can swap them. I got swapped the fl1ppin da vinci code about 2.5mths ago, and i've not managed to get rid of it yet. Either nowhere to swap, no foreign people to swap with (for a month i saw not a single non soviet) or the fact that they've already read it! Agree that in more touristy places thats the way to go though.

Agree - don't take CDs. Eitehr an MP3, or better, an MP3/Radio tuner cross, and listen to local radio where you can.

I have too much sh1t with me at the moment, although at least i'm moving house at the same time. Sleeping bag hasn't been used as much as expected, and also a change of clothes too many inc an extra fleece (because when i left it was cold and snowing!) all of which i will leave somewhere shortly to collect again in a few months.