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Are you happier now than 5 years ago?

Travel Forums General Talk Are you happier now than 5 years ago?


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11. Posted by snatterand (Travel Guru 454 posts) 11y

Oh yes, big time! Five years ago, I had just moved to a new town (i.e. Lund, Sweden) and didn't quite like it at all, missed my old friends etc. That all get better after 4 months or so and now I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!


12. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 11y

YES !!! I'm a lot happier now, i'm more hopeful and optimistic, though i'm really busy in work i know what i'm doing and where its leading, i'm saving to go travelling, fingers crossed i can take 6mths - 1yr off work to go, am in the process of moving into a bigger place with my boyfriend who i love to bits, get on a lot better with my family, well we've all grown up so the little rows don't happen so much (i wouldn't say never !)

five years ago this month i was really confused and in a bad place, i'd just broken up with a boyfriend who i thought i loved but he had gone off with an (ex) friend on mine, been attacked in town at the end of a night out and felt really low because of it, had to make some really harsh decisions, had just been promoted with way too much responsibility so was quite stressed, just found out that my dad was moving my stepmom and brothers over to ireland for good and that she was pregnaant , by the end of month she'd lost the baby, having a lot of fights with my sisters who were being possessed by the devil and couldn't reach my brother who was starting to react to my moms passing away a few years earlier (97) by retreating into his own shell,

13. Posted by cikusang (Respected Member 1361 posts) 11y

Definitely am much happier nowadays!!! Healthier and wiser...

14. Posted by noemagosa (Full Member 355 posts) 11y

Absolutly, YES!!

Five years ago, August 2000 I had a summer job in a candy store (hmmm ), making fudge and selling chocolate... My German friend was visiting me in Montreal and we made a trip around Quebec. I was enjoying myself, having a wonderful time, meeting new people, speaking German.etc... BUT.

I thought I was in love with a guy who didn't care about me, or anything, and I had had a pretty rough year living with my parents, and more years to go (but I didn't know that, eh)... In fact, I wanted to find a way to run away from home -in travels-- ;)

NOW, I've been married for 2 years with the love of my life. I feel whole with him, and I can say that now I know where is home. Since home is where the heart is!

15. Posted by galka_mak (Full Member 169 posts) 11y

In case if we talk about exactly 5 years ago then definitely happier! Much happier!
Cause before 2000 I studied at the University and in spite of some good luck and bad luck those period of my life was unbelievably happy! I was free, popular, had good time with lot of my friends, we travelled each weekends - even just a holiday at the sea was so nice! I haven't much money but I really felt I didn't need it! Strange feeling... how it was?
But in 2000 my father died, I finished my study and started to work in the first place occured... I earned 150 $ per month... I also had hard breaking up with my boyfried. Oh, 2000 was very bad year for me
But after that each day brings new joy to my life and I'm very optimistic about my future. In spite of now I can't take life so easy as when I was a student but I have many other things to appreciate. I'm very happy with my life now. And wish everyone at TP always look to the better side ;)

16. Posted by smythy (Full Member 237 posts) 11y

Cant say im very happy right now! - going to uni for my final year (dont really wanna, just pissed with education!) Wanna get on the road full time (at least thats what i think will make me happy), free and single at the moment and sometimes i really feel lonely but neva been brave enough to get meself a woman yet! (am i wise guys??? - she's gotta be a traveller too - for any of you wannabees out there). Hey i really gotta give up on these things - i think im worrying way too much bout that stuff!

Well 5 years ago id have been just finished high school and working with me dad earning wot i thought was megabucks £3p/h and then of course back to school ive been since that - really seems a long time ive been in education from 4yrs old - roll on june 2006 till i get on the road guys!

Sorry you guys have to listen to it all but i gotta get that aff me chest since i aint happy ! cheer me up guys!

17. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 11y

Hang in there Smythy! The last college year ZOOMS past!! (in fact, you'll be wishing you have more time come the end of the year!)

After that, the world is really your oyster! You will have "the bit of paper" which, rightly or wrongly, means that you will be taken more seriously when it comes to job interviews, etc. A degree is probably a good thing to have under your belt going travelling! Who knows what kind of work you might get on your travels! Also, you can hit the road feeling that youve accomplished one goal successfully, and now you can start a new chapter. If you dropped out or something, you might be left feeling a bit deflated that you hadnt stuck out the final year.

As for the love life, or lack thereof, she's out there somewhere! You'll probably meet the kind of person you are looking for when you least expect it, when you're relaxed about it.

No need to be unhappy Smythy! By this time next year, you'll probably be starting an exciting new phase of your life! You should use this year to plan your travels! I've been SERIOUSLY DEPRESSED:(:( in my job this past year, but when things werent going well, I planned my trip and spent time on TP and focused on the future, and it worked!

18. Posted by Leadfoot (Budding Member 11 posts) 11y

I am over the moon that i have my first diploma in photography and on my way to success slowly but surely (sold a couple of photographs) but at the same time i hate being single and do get quite depressed because i hardly have time to go out and find somebody

19. Posted by steff (Travel Guru 1160 posts) 11y

What kind of surprises me is that almost all the posts in this thread say that people are happier than five years ago! As it is the same with me I start to ask myself now whether you not only get wiser when older but happier ?!? Hey, looking forward to becoming a granny one day ;)
Five years ago my longdistance relationship with a guy who I was about to marry (I was 20 and madly in love ) ended sadly. I was working my ass off in Graphic Design, had 24 days a year off work (I know that's a lot compared to other countries, but not enough if you have a longdistance relationship and an urge to travel) and just felt a bit burned out living in Hamburg. I had great friends there (and still have), but I generally needed to change my life. Eventually I quit the job and moved to Ireland without a clue about what to do... it turned out to be one of the best spontaneous decicions in my life and nowadays I'm back to be a constantly broke student, but I love the intellectual input and the chance to study all around the globe (will be in Madrid and Melbourne soon ). Not to forget about being blessed with my crazy but amazing family and my great friends in the whole world.

20. Posted by snatterand (Travel Guru 454 posts) 11y

Quoting steffbo

What kind of surprises me is that almost all the posts in this thread say that people are happier than five years ago! As it is the same with me I start to ask myself now whether you not only get wiser when older but happier ?!? Hey, looking forward to becoming a granny one day ;)

I totally agree, Stephanie! Though I'm not sure that I want any kids of my own, so getting grandchildren might be a bit difficult...