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Backpack or suitcase?

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1. Posted by roblist (Full Member, 6 posts) 16 Aug '05 18:53


I'm planning on going on a 4 month trip travelling through India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and America.

I'm worried about carrying around a backpack the whole time, dragging a suitcase seems easier, but does anyone know if there's any particular advantage in taking a backpack over a suitcase?

Please offer any advice if you can :)

2. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru, 5336 posts) 17 Aug '05 01:40

You might find this helpful ;)

3. Posted by roblist (Full Member, 6 posts) 17 Aug '05 16:03

Next time I'll use the search!

Thanks very much!

4. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru, 5336 posts) 18 Aug '05 01:32

Ah, that just takes too long!

No worries. ;)

5. Posted by Twinkle (Travel Guru, 1112 posts) 20 Aug '05 17:20

Backpack all the way i say!!!!suitcases are far too much hassle to haul around!!!!

6. Posted by sarusan (Full Member, 61 posts) 21 Aug '05 15:35

I was the instigator of the previous post on this subject. I ended up investing about £50 in a 70litre backpack which has a detachable 18liotre bonus section which you can use as hand luggae or readjust so it straps around your front. It also has side handles, so can be carried like a suitcase instead, and also opens long the sides rather than just at the top. It looks like a pretty decent piece of kit, but I haven't put it into use yet. The big trip begins this Thursday...