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Backpacking/Hostels Through out Europe this Summer. 1st time

Travel Forums Travel Companions Backpacking/Hostels Through out Europe this Summer. 1st time

1. Posted by oscar5453 (Full Member 70 posts) 13y


I am a 24 year old student from the Bay area of San Francisco in California USA. Traveling to Europe has always been my dream and this year it seems it will finally come true. I plan to stay with hosts from and some hostels because I am on a short budget. I plan to buy my plane ticket within the next couple of weeks. I have never been there before and would like to see as much of Europe as possible. I heard budgeting about $50 dollars a day is enough to get you by. Let me know if I am wrong on that.

I am looking for a travel partner or travel partners to join me or meet up with me while I am in Europe. I plan to land in England then head down south to France, Spain, Morocco (time and $$ permitting), Italy, Germany, Holland, Amsterdam and any other countries in the way.

A little about my self….. I am an athletic person who likes the outdoors, history, and travel (seeing the world with its great cultures). I am a student with an Architectural Engineering Major. I am originally from Central America from a small country called El Salvador. But I have been living in California since I was 3 years old. If you have any tips, suggestions or just want to meet up in Europe please advise me. In my trip I plan to see the landscapes, Museums, Hiking, I really would love to go see the places where battles from WWI and WWII took place. It will be fun.

If you have any tips, suggestions or just want to meet up in Europe please advise me. Or if you live in the USA and would like to join me then your more than welcome to.


2. Posted by woolaxis (Budding Member 5 posts) 12y

Hey Oscar,

I dont know what dates youre planning on traveling, but Im planning on traveling through Europe starting in London on Aug 1st through the 22nd. My plans are very flexible. Let me know and maybe we can work out a plan and see a lot of Western Europe. Im a 19yr old male from Washington, D.C.


3. Posted by oscar5453 (Full Member 70 posts) 12y


I am already in Europe now. I am currently in Sweden. There are so many things that I wish I would of known before I took off to Europe. I can give you several tips. Let me know.


4. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 12y

Hey Oscar, hoping your having a good one in Sweden. If you get down south or to København and fancy a beer or whatever, drop me a mail.

Or anything else you need/want to know, just ask.


5. Posted by steve3 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y

Hi Oscar,

Am going to Europe for 2 months beginning mid-july! I have definate plans for England, Czech and Norway, rest i am pretty felxible based upon my travel mate's choice and convineice.

I am a 23 yo guy, living in Australia!I have extensively travelled accross India, Nepal, Most of Western Australia and pockets of the USA.

Tell me more about yourself, if you're interested. Since we have a bit of a time, we can know each other better to gauge weather we will be compatible as travel companions!