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41. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 11y

Quoting Q_Zhang

Osama binThreadJacker activates frequency hopping, 1024-bit encrypted, multiple ISP routed supersecret transmission protocol.

Ha!!....Ha, I say!! Knowing what we look like won't stop us. Our suitcase threadjacking weapons have already been implanted throughout TP.

Jesus, Allah, Budda, Vishu, Gia, Quetzalcoatl willing.....!!

Osama goes off wondering what ambiguous background will he use for his next video transmission....perhaps a plaid motif???

I'm afraid your suitcase highjacking weapons have all been detected.... Too many members with the deactivation buttons at their disposal and they're not afraid to use them!!! (Yeah, yours say "Spam", "Quote", and "Rate It" (and don't do anything at all) - but... Mwahahahahahahahahahaa.......)

And plaid???? Oh, how uninspired!!! Please Q, you have to come up with something better than plaid! That theme has been used so often, even the beavers are starting to shake their heads in disbelieve. Maybe a nice pink Hawaiian shirt motif would work. Or possibly something with stars and stripes... No, that's been beat to death too... Shamrocks - that's it!!! Everyone loves a good shamrock!!!

Isa skips off to watch the Canuckistani bacon factory go up in flames...

42. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 11y

Quoting Isadora

Isa skips off to watch the Canuckistani bacon factory go up in flames...

Ha! You've fallen right into our trap! Crispy bacon all round... and while you munch and brunch away, there's a disco inferno burning up in the Caribbean thread. The steel drums will be turned into mirror balls!

43. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 11y

Isa's been looking for a disco ball for the dining room and heads off to the Caribbean forum...

Not so fast Missy!!!!! You can't subvert me with the promise of disc balls or steel drums!!! (Besides, we already have a set of steel drums.)

Isa makes an about-face and heads for the Montreal Meet-up threads...

[ Edit: Fixed it ]

44. Posted by IronChef (Full Member 1076 posts) 11y

Uni-Jacker takes of his mask
Hey everybody. I think I've got it. Although there were a lot of great names that came up - I have decided on one of my own. Are you ready -
He kind of fits it and its fun to say! Of course, he always go by the nickname of 'lil dude. But he now has a real name.

Off to the travel companions forum to sway them all over to the Off Topic page! Anarchy!

45. Posted by FionaNZ (Respected Member 903 posts) 11y

Yay, he's been christened.. did he get xtra bugs
to celebrate

46. Posted by IronChef (Full Member 1076 posts) 11y

Yes, we did celebrate. As I called him his name for the first time I dumped about 25 crickets into the cage and he went absolutely crazy. He's a quick little bugger.:) I just called his name and I can swear he turned and looked at me.

47. Posted by FionaNZ (Respected Member 903 posts) 11y

Is this a silly question, but where does one get the
crickets from

FiNZ has images of Lance out hunting & foraging for
Crickets in the backyard

48. Posted by IronChef (Full Member 1076 posts) 11y

Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I was out back foraging. :) J/K Actually, you can go to local pet shops to get live feed for reptiles and amphibians. Crickets, mealworms, grubs, baby mice and fruitflies. Of course, you can get freeze-dried food, also.

I have tried starting my own colony of crickets to have my own sustainable food source but it gets pretty messy and loud. Hard to keep it sanitary, too. As he grows the food source will change - larger crickets, small lizards and maybe pinky mice.

Of course, if I do catch any crickets or random bugs in the house -

49. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 11y

Pinkies are easier to raise than crickets - quieter too. And, I'm sure your roommate will love having all those little furry "vermin" hangin' around - waiting to be gobbled up whole.

Seriously, how big will Yuzu be when full-grown?

50. Posted by IronChef (Full Member 1076 posts) 11y

Only maybe about 20-24 inches. Sorry don't know the metric conversion. I guess half or a little less will be tail. How to compare ... Hhhhmmmm.....As wide around as a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?! And they are pretty durn fast. He can jump a good 4 inches up to crawl on the rop of the cage and his body is about 2 inches long (tail about 2 1/2 inches). I'll have to get another cage by the time he is a year old. Right now he is kind of polka-dot yellow and back along his upper back and shoulders. I saw some adults where that whole are had turned almost aquamarine with the black dots remaining. We'll see.

He's actually in training to be the TP mascot. Kinda like the gecko on the Geico insurance commercials but he goes speeding around the world meeting people from various areas and brining them together.