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Canada April 2004

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1. Posted by Loretta (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y


I'm heading to Canada (Vancouver) at the end of April 2004 on a working holiday.

At this stage I want to do some travel (before I start to look for work), firstly, a Moose Tour - West Pass.

If there are any other solo travellers out there thinking of doing something similar, it would be nice to hear from you.


2. Posted by bethy (Full Member 49 posts) 12y

Hi Loretta
I'm thinking of doing something simliar late April/May.
I'm still waiting to hear back re: my working visa, if I miss out on one then I guess i wont be doing Canada this year!:(
But I am more thinking of going straight to Toronto over Vancouver but undecided
I guess I'm really playing the waiting game on this visa.
will keep in touch

3. Posted by moonflower (Full Member 39 posts) 12y

Hi Loretta
I'm Marina from Switzerland and work at the moment in Vancouver in a travel agency as a trainee. If you want to meet up here - just let me know or if you should have any questions, I'd like to meet new people!:)
Good luck with your job search,

4. Posted by Loretta (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y

Hi Marina & Beth

Here's my email address if you want to contact me:


Marina - It would be great to meet up in Vancouver. I am also looking to make some
new friends, I won't know anyone when I arrive.

Beth - if you do decide to go to Vancouver send me an email and we can catch up.
Where abouts in Australia are you from? Goodluck with the visa.


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5. Posted by bethy (Full Member 49 posts) 12y

This is my 4th year living in Perth.
I grew up in Bunbury in the South West of WA. What about you?
So itching to get out and explore, but still playing the waiting game for now.
I will definately email you if I am coming the Vancouver way.
All the best to both of you

6. Posted by moonflower (Full Member 39 posts) 12y

loretta - thank you for the e-mail address, i'll write you soon a message but at the moment, it's crazy at work and i don't have much time "for personal stuff"!:(
beth - i know how it is, waiting for a visa... i had the same problem back home in switzerland. but in the end - it's something worth waiting for!:) good luck and don't loose your patience.
best wishes, vancouver is waiting for you!

7. Posted by joanna6e (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y

Hi, i'm in Toronto at the moment on a working holiday for my gap year. i'll be heading over to vancouver in late May-June for a month, then fly back to england on 2nd July-ish. we could always meet up? i wont be travelling with anyone so would welcome the chance to meet new people! I'll be travelling around the general BC area too, before i go home, and maybe do something exciting for my birthday (18th June)