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1. Posted by sunny1985 (Budding Member 12 posts) 11y

hello, everyone! my name is Elena and i am from Russia. I adore travelling a lot! i haven't travelled much yet (only been in USA and Finland and some trips in Russia) but hope to go to Europe soon.(mb in half a year or so)
so, i will be glad to contact with people with the same "passion" - travelling and adventures!

2. Posted by Q' (Travel Guru 1987 posts) 11y

Hello Elena, nice to meet you. USA, Russia, and Finland, I don't know what you mean, that seems like a lot of travelling. I'm sure you're going to like Europe. It's a beautiful place with lots of culture. It's great to meet another person with a passion for travelling. Keep posting!

3. Posted by zachary (Respected Member 471 posts) 11y

welcome to TP

man i would love to visit russia someday

what is MP?

4. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 11y

Hello Elena!
Another warm Travllerspoint welcome to you!
Where did you visit in the US? I hope you had a great time here :)
I would love to visit Russia is on my list of places to see before I die. Enjoy your trip to Europe!

5. Posted by sunny1985 (Budding Member 12 posts) 11y

Hi everybody!
thanks a lot for such a warm greeting!
To CupCake I�v been in Cape Cod, Boston, NYC, on camp in New Hampshire and in Providence. And I liked there a lot. Most of all of course in NY but all the rest were very cool too! Unfortunately I haven�t ben on the western part of US but I hope that I will hav another chance in my life to visit this part of America!
To zachary MB = Maybe. Sorry sometimes I use short term.. got used to this in the net.. but will try to get rid of them!
To Q_Zhang Well, Europe is still some kind of dream. I am not sure yet about my trip � just planning but not sure if I will have a chance to go there. But anyway if not now � then any other day I will visit this concentration of culture. (by th way � most of all I would like to visit medievel castels and fortresses.. actually it is one of the strongst reasons of my desire to go to Europe)
And all of you who have a wish to visit Russia are very welcome! :)If you will have any questions about it � i am glad to answer any of them! I think i can even advise some cheap things � like the cheappest way to get somewhere and to buy smth!

6. Posted by cikusang (Respected Member 1361 posts) 11y

HI Elena, welcome to Travellerspoint!

Enjoy yourself here as much as you can! Yeah!


7. Posted by Q' (Travel Guru 1987 posts) 11y

Quoting sunny1985

To Q_Zhang Well, Europe is still some kind of dream. I am not sure yet about my trip � just planning but not sure if I will have a chance to go there. But anyway if not now � then any other day I will visit this concentration of culture. (by th way � most of all I would like to visit medievel castels and fortresses.. actually it is one of the strongst reasons of my desire to go to Europe)

Well, dreams have a way of coming true. I felt the same way before I went over to Europe. I've been there now twice, and I'm planning to visit eastern Europe next. see my thread, maybe you can give me some good advice?. I'm always amazed at the construction of castles. Intricate, solid, but also can be beautiful. There are castles in Russia, no ?

8. Posted by sunny1985 (Budding Member 12 posts) 11y

Well, I think my dreams very soon become true. At least I really hope so!
We don�t have castles in Russia (as in the time when all uropen countries were building a fortreses from stone � Russia prefered wood.. so even if there were some castels they were all burned), but in some places there are fortresses. (like in St. Petersburg it is Petropavlovskaya krepost) and also a lot of mediivel churches which sometimes can be seen as some kind of castel or foretress (like Soloveckij monastir) But we hav a lot of other interesting things which you definitely should visit. If you are going to stay in Russia for rather long time � go round the �golden ring� (or �Zolotoe kolco� � in russian) � it consist of different old cites which cituatd not far from Moscow but all of them are very interesting and unique.
Good lukc during your trip in Russia!

9. Posted by zachary (Respected Member 471 posts) 11y

haha, elena thanks for the MB translation :)

10. Posted by Patricio1 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y

I travelled to Russia the last summer, as an independent traveller.
I started to study russian by myself since 2 years ago and I met some people from Russia through the internet and I stayed with them there. I was in Peterburg, Moskva, Kazan and Kaluga.

I had many expectations about Russia after to study the language by myself for 2 years, and to read a lot about the country and don´t have many possibilities to meet russians in my country, Chile, and no russian-spanish dictionary.

The arrival by plane in Pulkovo was a not nice experience, with a long file and no conditioned air. I never expected so unkind weather in Russia, in summertime. Well, I live in Patagonia, in the southernmost tip of America, and I even lived in Antarctic, so the cold weather is my most beloved option regargin weather.

I felt surprised because no officers at the airport wanted to reply to me when I asked about my documents. I had read that the arrival at the airport and to be checked by the authorities was a complex proccess, but it was not my experience. 1 month later I crosses the russian-ukrainian frontier by train, and if well it was not so complex, I advise only to use the plane to cross the frontiers into or from Russia.

Sankt Peterburg was a city where I learnt to know what russian people are like. The first time I walked along the streets, I sincerely felt that russians are not a country prepared to get tourists, at all! People seemed very serious, almost aggressive!! They had a lot of angry or frustration in his faces, and I would had not felt surprised if a lot of them had beated to me without any reason.

Men really looked like former prisoners in very bad jails!! :((

Then, I learnt about russian women. I really felt shocked how sexy russian women dress!! Well, after so many years living in Patagonia or Antarctic, perhaps any fresh flesh(sorry for so primitive expression) seemed the sexiest woman of the world for me, but seriously russian women dress in a incredible way in Peterburg! I said to myself: Well, and where is the marriage party, because they dress in this way, short and tighted miniskirts or tops. I have to add that the almost 100% of the girls painted her hairs and the result not always was the best :(( I also felt that the russian people is a little kitsch to choose colours and clothes. Perhaps the great variety of colours in orthodox churches have to do with it. I am used to grey colours in churches and if you have happy colours in supposedly serious buildings, what can you demand from people?? :)

As a latin America´s inhabitant I learnt a new thing about women:
Our latin women love sex for sex, they love sex for the mere experience of having sex, love is not so important but sex appeal, but russian women are as passionated as latin women but since a different reason, since love, and not since primitive passion of us, the latin people.

One day a russian girl living in Chile told to me: We are more refinated with our couples, we go to museums, to the theatre, to the park, to the forest, and make love, then we go again to the forest, to the lake, and perhaps make love again, and YOU, the latin people, as soon as you get a couple, you disappear from the world, and just dedicate the time to have sex as wild animals all the time, with no second for other activity! I felt as a homo neanderthalensis... :((

Well, I had read that I could not drink water at home except after to be filtered but considering the hight temperatures, the humidity in the air, I never took this into account and drank liter and liters of deliocious water in the kitchen or the bathroom. Well, when I lived in Antarctic, water was always populated by microscopic fauna, so probably I was cured of poisoned water. People along Russia always told me about a TV programme that shown that water in Russia even is bad to clean your shoes!! :))

Oh, I really loved russian meals!! What a nice experience is to have a tasty and large meal instead a simple breakfast in the morning!!! Blinis are really a paradisiac experience!! And tomatoes as a fruit plus a big piece of cheese is another great flavour´s experience!!!

I took a digital camera with me, but I was shocked seeing how much russians love to take photos, to anything!! They are worst even than chinese or japanese tourists!! Finally I gave my camera to a russian girlfriend and she even send me photos to my mailbox in Yahoo! It is soon to collapse!!! (Please stop it!!)

The amount of keys ot enter at home and the great size and weight of doors, besides to take out my shoes at home is another interesting characteristic of life in Peterburg.

Well, I can continue this story if you want.

P.S.: I am going to travel once again alone to Russia in January.

Patricio Silva, from CHILE.