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Is there any way to report users as spammers?

Travel Forums System Talk Is there any way to report users as spammers?

1. Posted by kenmc (Full Member 80 posts) 11y

i received 2 comments in my blog from the same person (vht) which is blatently spam. I have since deleted them, but the content was as follows:
"I was really disappointed after the trip to Thailand. I myself decided to set up my own tourist company called A Chau Tourist. I have a website. But I do not know how to promote it. I am now a real tour operator. Howerver, I am just do it for hotels. Hotels sell the tours then resell tours to me. Noone knows our company. It is a problem in Vietnam? How to pass over the difficulty now? Advise me -snip- Thanks"

I would like to see some way of banning people like this.If there is such a way could you please tell me?

[ Edit: heh, promo removed. :-) ]

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5907 posts) 11y

Hey Ken,

I'll ban this user from the site. He was posting on the forum as well a few days ago. Are you wanting a way to ban people from your blog, or from the entire site? Definitely something we would look into, as we're always trying to find ways of minimising the spammers.


3. Posted by kenmc (Full Member 80 posts) 11y

Either/or. Some forums I have used in the past have an icon beside every post which allows you to report the post as spam. (eg
I don't know if that could easily be incorporated into public comments in a blog as well though.

4. Posted by Mikey B (Respected Member 181 posts) 11y

A way to report individual posts as spam would be useful. I'm sure the moderators/administrators can't be keeping an eye on things 24-7 and would welcome the assistance of other users

5. Posted by Peter (Admin 5907 posts) 11y

Hi Ken,

We do implement a spam flagging system on our forums, but it only is made available to Respected Members and over.

For the blogs, I suppose we could make a system that allows blog owners to ban specific users from commenting. As soon as we see that someone has been banned by a blog owner, we would then check that user and see if we need to ban them from the entire site. That may work nicely. As it stands, we don't monitor blog comments at all.

6. Posted by kenmc (Full Member 80 posts) 11y

Hi Peter,
I was unaware as the "report spammer" option, as I'm not respected :(
But thats a good idea re the blogs, that could work.
Maybe it could be implemented that if you discovered that a user needed to be banned, all their posts to all blogs could be removed automagically too.

7. Posted by Peter (Admin 5907 posts) 11y

Yeah, that would be a possibility. It does raise a question over whose responsibility it is to control user's blog comments. We don't scrutinise the blogs like we do the forum, because we feel that the author is the blog's owner, not us. I'm not sure that all blog authors would be happy with us deleting their comments for them - even if they are confirmed spammers. Then again, maybe no-one would have a problem with that.. hmm..

8. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 11y

Definitely a no as far as I am concerned when it comes to removing all the comments across all the blogs. Especially since the blogs are copyright of the member and not Travellerspoint. A notification though that that 'commenter' has been flagged as a spammer would be useful since it would quickly show the member which ones can definitely be deleted if they want to :)