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where are the "freaks"

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1. Posted by shaila (Budding Member 13 posts) 11y

I'm going down to brisbane in mid november to visit a friend for a month but i'm also going to need to work (i'm staying for about 5-6 months). Where do you suggest I go? Melbourne? Sydney? I love art, culture, city life, live music and partying and would prefer to find some bartending/waitressing jobs (i have 3 years experience in the service industry)I'm low on funds, so i would need to live somewhere where the cost of living isn't too high.

I also have a facial piercing, stretched lobes and a pierced tongue. Would it be difficult for me to find the kind of work i'm looking for?

(ps. my friend has suggested sydney and melbourne, because thats where a lot of the "freaks" like myself are aka pierced, tattoed, strange people , but any other suggestion would be great)

any help would be much appreciated

2. Posted by pipe913 (Full Member 21 posts) 11y

try smith st melbourne
its a cool place,or even st kilda

3. Posted by Quercus (Full Member 76 posts) 11y

Hi Shaila,
Try Brunswick St Fitzroy (in Melbourne) as well.
I think it all depends on the management. Some bosses will probably ask you to take the piercings out etc. others will be fine with it.
You'd have to check with each employer but I think your piercings are more likely to be tolerated in relaxed places (eg. cafes rather than restaurants) in Melbourne' satellite suburbs - St Kilda, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Richmond. :)

4. Posted by droidezw (Budding Member 7 posts) 11y

Newtown (King St), Sydney

5. Posted by shaila (Budding Member 13 posts) 11y

thanks everyone, i'm starting to lean towards melbourne, but i'll be stopping in sydney on my way so i'll check that out. is the bus system good in the suburbs of melbourne? (24 hours) And any suggestions of places to check out in melbourn? (cafes, bars, art galleries, festivals museums ect.)

6. Posted by Quercus (Full Member 76 posts) 11y

You might want to check out these website for Melbourne festivals:

and you might want to check out this thread for things to do in Melbourne (its reasonably comprehensive)

If you have any further questions just ask... but you might get more attention (re: what to do in Melbourne) if you start another thread.