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1. Posted by Philymop (Full Member 110 posts) 11y

Hey guys,

Heading to Fiji min November, can anyone fill me in on the basics?

Weather, "must sees". places to stay, approx budget etc. Not really looking to travel around too much as this is the last stop on a 12 month trip so just looking to relax for a few days before heading back to "real life"


2. Posted by BeckyR (Full Member 174 posts) 11y


I spent a weekend in Fiji last year . . . .definintely recommend getting out to some of the smaller islands. I was disappointed by how dirty the public beaches are . . .However it is very cheap if you stay in one of the hostels, if you are after luxury before you return home they book up in one of the resorts. They looked stunning.

Boat trip and snorkelling is a must do, as is visiting some of the gardens.

I won't recommend where I stayed, but hopefully someone else will have a fab recommendation!

Have fun

B x

3. Posted by Philymop (Full Member 110 posts) 11y

Thanks Becky, could you give me an approximate budget per day? We will be living very basically!