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Auckland - Good or Bad?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Auckland - Good or Bad?

1. Posted by kerryd (Full Member 19 posts) 11y

Hi there,

I've been thinking that after sepnding a couple of months travelling around that I might go back to Auckland to find some work.....but from a few things I've read on here and from what some Kiwi mates have said I'm not so sure.

What's the deal with Auckland? Is it good or bad to live in?

If its good what is it that makes it good and if its bad what's bad about it?

Where would you suggest living/working?


2. Posted by steff (Travel Guru 1160 posts) 11y

Hi Kerry,

personally I had to return to Auckland three times to actually start liking it. When I first arrived I thought there was nothing special about it, just another big city with a few skyscrapers and that´s about it. The second time I noticed little things which I really liked, e.g. you can cross the street diagonal, instead of having to use two different traffic lights (what a clever invention!) and I had more time to walk around lovely suburbs with lots of atmosphere, little shops and nice bars and restaurants like Ponsonby and Parnell.
Finally the third time was brilliant as a Kiwi friend showed us around and also took us to Piha and Muriwai beach (45 minutes drive from the city centre) places I truly loved . Also Davenport is nice and if I had the option I´d live in one of these three places, eventhough it probably would take a while to get to work in the mornings.

Hope this helps,


3. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 11y

Quoting steffbo

Finally the third time was brilliant as a Kiwi friend showed us around and also took us to Piha and Muriwai beach (45 minutes drive from the city centre) places I truly loved

Oooh, I loved Piha! We ate those little fried crab sticks from the cantine and then I got to "swim between the flags" (it took me two trips to figure out where the flags even were - I thought they were out in the ocean ).

Auckland is huge - I believe it's the fifth largest city in the world, land-wise. So there's lots to see and lots of very different places you can settle down in. You can also head out to places like Whangerai on your time off - great hiking and beautiful rainforests. My sister lived in Auckland, near the city centre, for 4 years. By the end she was more than ready to come home, but she really loved her time there.

What I didn't get were all those people walking around barefoot - from crossing the street to doing their groceries. What gives??

4. Posted by kerryd (Full Member 19 posts) 11y

Thanks - appreciate the info.

Bare feet? Eh? Although I do hear that they are this year's flip flops......

5. Posted by onamish (Budding Member 8 posts) 11y

I am From New Zealand for 25 years and most my life in Auckland and ill tell you now its a total HOLE get outta there and go to Napier or somewhere nice theres heaps of cool little towns to chill in than that DUMP

6. Posted by FionaNZ (Respected Member 903 posts) 11y

Hey Kerry,

Whilst I'm not an avid fan of Auckland (its a Wellington thing), I currently live there.. 'Onamish' is a bit OTT wonder where he was actually living!

Steff & Tway made good points.. Muriwai is beautiful & I went there on the weekend for a huge walk along the beach watching the crazy kite surfers!

It depends what you want to do really & at what pace, Auckland is the largest city & is like any large city, a bit of a rat race. Wellington is more Arts & Culture oriented, loads of good eating places & bars. Christchurch is the most laid back I guess, being down South but colder.

Just have a look around as you go, you'll find out in your own good time where you want to look for work

All the best for your travels & let me know if I can help you with anything along the way..


7. Posted by kerryd (Full Member 19 posts) 11y

Thanks Fiona.

Onamish - I'd be interested to know why you think its such a dump?

8. Posted by danhosk (Budding Member 14 posts) 11y

i was there 4 days and that was 3 days to many, only one day was good and that was because of the big day out, nothing really to do with auckland!

i didnt see much there to make me wanna go back. a day or 2 tops to have a quick squiz then move on.

9. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4932 posts) 11y

I worked in Auckland, so I spent nearly five months total there, and I pretty much loved the city. It's the most clean and park-like city I've ever seen, with truly gorgeous surroundings (though this is true most anywhere in New Zealand), there's always something happening in one of the many parks, hordes of new bright-eyed backpackers arrive every day, there's a faint university-city atmosphere, and the weather is always nice (by northern european standards).
I made a point of it to walk at least one new street in Auckland every day I was staying there, so I kept discovering new neighbourhoods around the city center, and never was bored for a minute. (Hell, just wandering around the Auckland domain can keep you busy for a few weeks.)

What I've heard from local friends, there's a lot of rivalry between Auckland and the rest of the country - them thinking Aucklanders are stuck up, and grumbling about taxes to pay for Auckland's roads, while Aucklanders consider everyone else provincial (I think about 25% of the New Zealand population lives in Auckland - it's a big city) - but such things should be completely irrelevant to outsiders like us.

To get a sense of the city as you first arrive, I'd recommend walking the Coast to Coast walkway, and additionally visiting the suburbs Parnell, Newmarket and Ponsonby. That should get you enough of an idea to make up your mind (although it's still leaving out places like Devonport and the beaches of Mission Bay - the entire stretch of Tamaki Drive (past the industrial harbour) makes for awesome walking).

10. Posted by majito (Respected Member 442 posts) 11y

I was born in NZ; lived there most of my life before 23. If you can absolutely help it - live and work somewhere else in NZ. Auckland is so far from NZ it ain't funny. It's where people who are trying to escape what NZ really is go to pretend they are NZer's. Sander is right about the beauty etc, but the people.......get over yourselves.