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1. Posted by moscowmetr (Full Member 267 posts) 11y

If I type my own name into google seach, the very first hit that comes up is my TP profile....this site must have some crazy guts programmed into it, since my name is not that uncommon, especially in German speaking Europe.

2. Posted by ukmassage (Inactive 1052 posts) 11y

I am not an expert - but the simpler the site the easier for engines to find info.

3. Posted by noemagosa (Full Member 355 posts) 11y

Thanks TP!!

Me too, if I type my name in google, the first hit I get is my TP profile!

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5899 posts) 11y

It helps particularly for people trying to find their lost travel friends. We've had quite a few reunions like that :) And yes, we spent a while working out the best ways of ranking well in the search engines - mainly as massager says, it's a matter of keeping things simple and having a well organised structure. All good things for the users as well.

5. Posted by areinstein (Travel Guru 2788 posts) 11y

Ha! I just tried it...there is some politician in New York called Anne Reinstein too but I do see my TP link. I also found my MSN blog page and got hits with my maiden name (which is pretty uncommon).

6. Posted by Peter (Admin 5899 posts) 11y

Hey Anne, let's just hope your boss isn't googling you

7. Posted by areinstein (Travel Guru 2788 posts) 11y

That would be a REALLY bad thing. My TP postings and MSN blog page have dates and times. How could I possibly explain that! Hey, is there anyway to remove that for my benefit? (the heck with what the rest of the members want ).

8. Posted by Peter (Admin 5899 posts) 11y

Not that it would have immediate effect (takes the search engines a while to realise changes), but the safest is to change your first name to A. so it doesn't really identify you. It's tricky that stuff ..

9. Posted by angela_ (Respected Member 1732 posts) 11y

If I Google my name, I get my TP profile and some genealogy site that says that my father is Harald the king of Norway..

10. Posted by Peter (Admin 5899 posts) 11y

Wow, princess Angela! You might have to fight it out with Kris for TP Queen though