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1. Posted by me.da (Full Member 96 posts) 11y

Hi everyone,

I've just got back to Oz from 2 years in UK/Europe,the last 4 months of which was random travel, rarely a week in the same country.

Problem is, home feels really weird, i cant shake the urge to jump on the next plane. I am supposed to be starting university next year but living in the same place for the next 4 years seems like a terrible fate. My feet are still itchy and i'm still dreaming of the one or two places i really fell in love with on my travels.

Does anyone else get this? How hard is it to adjust after long periods of travel and what do you do about it?

2. Posted by jackboy (Inactive 350 posts) 11y

Yes,its very hard to come back and face reality as the truth is one gets addicted and as druggies or anyone addicted will tell you their is no cure,its in the brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I,we all get depressed and wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we where back on are travels but then it starts coming home,their is no escape,we have got to earn a living,we have had our fun,WE DONE IT,theirs million wishing they had the guts to do what WE DID and dont forget they are really envious!!!!WE DONT CARE WE DONE IT.
We have great memories and photos and talking to,e-mailing our friends we met on are travels about how we are settleing down to start and get on with our lives and seeing how they are adopting slowly but slowly we get back into the real world.
The feelings will never go away but they eventually will after one starts work or college will recede into the background!!!!!!!!!
After 6months-1year if one ever gets a chance to have a week abroad somewhere to maybe meet up with some old traveling friends then that is good as talking to them as they understand it gets all the pent up feelings out of the system!!!!
We all feel the same so try and settle down a little and do well at Uni.
al de bes

3. Posted by wouterrr (Travel Guru 3379 posts) 11y

I really fell into a big black hole after my six months travels trought Iran and India (not even very long). It took a few months to kick the habit. After my travels I also started a new study of 4 years. But after this study I'll be off again. And my internship period will be in will always find some time to travel

4. Posted by s_hoot (Respected Member 497 posts) 11y

I also have just returned home a few months ago from living 3 years in the UK, stationed there in the navy. I travelled to 14 countries in Western Europe and made enough friends to last a life time. Coming back to the States, back home, has been one of the hardest things I have done in my entire life so far. Every day I have been back so far I almost want to just give it all up and head straight back. I am also fixing to start Uni in January for the next three to four years and know that I must do this first and after that I can travel again and never come back if I dont want to. I agree that travelling is a drug, I just wish there was some other drug, a less expesive one, for the cure for the travel bug. All i can do now though is set my mind on Uni, stay in the best physical shape as I possibly can and shoot for my best so I will be ready to go when my time comes again, to jump back on the long road to wherever. Stick to your plans and things will work out.

5. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 11y


Could you organise to do a year abroad in another university as part of your study? Some people here on TP are doing that. :)

6. Posted by me.da (Full Member 96 posts) 11y

Well thanks, good to know i'm not alone. Still gagging to head off again but i'll deal. Maybe i'll just spend more time on TP and live vicariously thru y'all.

7. Posted by Desiree (Inactive 157 posts) 11y

Quoting samsara2


Could you organise to do a year abroad in another university as part of your study? Some people here on TP are doing that. :)

and if you do that, they warn for a re-entry shock, it's very common to have that, home is just home but you are changed and used to something else than home

8. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 11y

I've also done 3 years in the UK, and coming home (Sydney) was like coming back to Mars (and a lot of my friends had become Martians)

All I can say is that there's a time for everything in your life. Your recent past has been for the UK and travelling, but the next few years are for something else. Nothing is forever, you can always do it all again at a later date (and you will).