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What does TP mean to you?

Travel Forums General Talk What does TP mean to you?


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21. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4136 posts) 11y

I don't have the time to read and post to TP the way I'd like, but it's a great place to drop in and read up on the comings and goings of both new and old members.

Life can be dreary at times, ground hog day if you know what I mean, (work, sleep, work, sleep, drink, hangover, sleep) and so I must admit that I quite enjoy reading about other people's travels.

Sometimes when I'm in a touristy part of Sydney, I wonder if anyone walking by is a TPer.

James: "Excuse me, are you Samsara2 or Isadora?"

Tourist: "What's a Samsara?"

James: "I guess that means no!"

22. Posted by areinstein (Travel Guru 2788 posts) 11y

I joined TP in January 2005 while I was researching about SE Asia for my upcoming trip. I cant remember exactly how I found TP but it was through another travel website. I began to read the posts and it seemed to me like there were quite a few regulars...I remember samsara2, Raven, Pardus, Wocca, Hien very well. I saw their postings EVERYWHERE. I was a bit shy about posting, I didnt want to disrupt anything but it all began with the WORD ASSOCIATION!!! Next thing you knew Isa, Cupcake and I were on a race to 1,000 posts. That was fun, not to mention I learned so many different words.

I have to say that my entire SE Asia itinerary was planned and prepared based on all of the info I gathered here from other travelers...down to the bus number I had to take from Bangkok Airport to Khao San Road (the A2 by the way). The information couldnt have been more helpful and more accurate.

Now, after almost nine months, I have met some of you, I have shared so many things with so many members and it has become to me a little home away from home (especially when I am truly away from home). I dont have that many friends that like to travel the way I do and to be able to find them here, it gives me a little place in the world of adventure traveling. I dont feel lonely anymore

I have been to other sites but it is not as warm and welcoming as TP is. I have never lasted more than a week in another site. Thank you to Sam and Peter (and Sander), TP has managed to make this a wonderful place for all of us to meet on a daily basis.

23. Posted by TravelMc (Respected Member 93 posts) 11y

I came across the site aboslutely ages ago (well - at least a year) when I was looking for places to stay and info about Barcelona. I've been travelling since 02 and have loved it. I wish I could do more and more and so far the pull to see more has well outweighed any homesickness (sorry Mum).

Once I had stripped the TP site of every last scrap of info on places to stay in Barcelona I stumbled across the forums (I had been so focussed on getting the right hostel I didn't even notice there was a forum b4 this!) and then I found you could help other travellers out and seeing as the site had done so much for me I thought I'd better give something back. Turns out that is just a euphamism for the site doing even more for me!

In the past year I have settled a bit - got bloke and a dog and a steady job - so travelling has taken a back seat a bit. (In order to stay where I am any longer I need to have the permit my job gives me so I guess its a bit of a trade off.) But to make it all bearable TP is right there. In the quiet times at work and when all the blokes I live with are watching stupid boy programmes and clogging up the house I jump on line and see who wants some tips and who can give me tips and look through the absolutely AMAZING photos and pine for all of those places I know are just outside my front door! Looking forward to the next holiday even now! :)
So thanks everyone - keep it coming!

24. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 11y

No idea how long i`ve been here, but i`d guess well over 18mths. Virtually all the old regulars have since moved on or rarely visit (Sole, Ian, Mim, Steph, Leah, Rach, Rachel, Iloveflyin, most of the MTL3 etc etc - guys, come back. I miss you. Save me from all these random newbies;) ) and i`ve had to put up with you lot instead

Can`t remember how i found it or what i was looking for, but for some reason i kept coming back, and still do. I`m on several travel forums, but this is the one i`m at most and actually most helpful (or trying to be) at. Thorntree i also still go quite often, but i fart around there on the irrelevant boards instead of always being that useful. I just love the feel of TP, and the community atmosphere, and its good watching it grow.

As for what it means? Its simple really. I happened to meet Sam several months ago, and he somehow discovered a deep dark secret of mine. Now i come back primarily because i`m being blackmailed to. If i leave, some people discover some things i`d rather they didnt, so i stay.

25. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 11y

emm this is actually a hard one, what does Tp mean to me - a lot !! I've been a member for over a year and like most found it through goggle while trying to escape a mundane boring day of work. After a few initial shy postings I was hooked, and posting like a mad woman, i'd like to say i was helping people all the time but mostly i was getting to know some really great people with wicked senses of humour and an obsession for the good things in life ( travel, chocolate and alcohol)....My colleagues would tell you that I've lost it - many a time i've been sitting at my screen silently one minute and the next in fits of giggles on the floor where i've fallen off uncontrollably. Unfortunately my bosses decided I was too happy in work so increased my work load and now i only get to pop in and out when they're not looking ..... but anytime i feel overworked and stressed i try to pop in and in two seconds am cheered up by all the wacky conversations and filled with dreams about the destinations that are being discussed.... you can't help but smile and relax, ok ok and feel green with envy

26. Posted by Hien (Moderator 3906 posts) 11y

Quoting Gelli

... As for what it means? Its simple really. I happened to meet Sam several months ago, and he somehow discovered a deep dark secret of mine. Now i come back primarily because i`m being blackmailed to. If i leave, some people discover some things i`d rather they didnt, so i stay.

And you are complaining about having to come back? Guess what? I have to be a moderator.

27. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 11y

It means more to me than words can say. I have made life-long friends can you put that into words?
I love this site...and saying that doesn't do it justice.